John unclear here if you’re not certain of the interference (you say meddling but we’re past that - there was) or if you’re saying you don’t believe there was collusion (there was but you can pronounce it #TreasonSummit) #QuitNow
. @JohnCornyn defended *45 even as *45 back-tracked the back-track of the back-track. Of the back-track. @gop this is not a game.
#TXSEN #TreasonousTrump
. @JohnCornyn your boy in the Kremlin Annex dragged his feet; making time for rallies and tweeting but not for answering 41 questions from Mueller.


Maybe instead of blaming the investigation; blame the Russian installed narcissistic abject failure.
John wants to send Senator Booker to the Ethics committee but didn’t do anything about the #CultureOfCorruption rampant in the Texas GOP reps.

Blake sexually harassing staff.
And Culberson and Conaway not being held accountable for insider trading.
John, upon hearing a woman was sexually assaulted declares she’s “not really in a position to make conditions.”

@gop #CultureOfCorruption is based on misogyny; desperate to hold power.

#TimesUp #Enough
John called the #BlackoutBrett🤬🍺 protestors paid agitators. Video clip below. He’s as awful as he sounds.

John is a misogynist and fails to represent the 14.5K Texans who reported their rapes in 2016.
I cite sources.

I’m now more qualified than basically everyone with an R next to their name.
Voted for #BlackoutBrett🍺🤬
According to the #CultureOfCorruption they are “adults”, “alpha males”, and relish saying “F—- your feelings”.

They called us snowflakes.
They cower in fear that winter is here.

We don’t wave tiki torches and shout Nazi slogans. We’re armed with mail-in ballots.
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