BJP Supporters have been trying to show BJP as a Hindu party and its survival critical for Hindu Cause. This thread is to explain that BJP has been more secular than even congress. 1/n
Concessional credit through National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC)  9/n
Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram (PMJVK) 10/n
Research/Studies, Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Schemes including Publicity 14/n
BJP accuses of others for appeasement,look at their own leaders
and it continues....

Bhartiya Janmullah Party!
Another feather . 250 Hindu Families will be evicted to make way for a Muslim Graveyard
Maharashtra - Dawood Fernandes Govt - Muslims need not pay tax for properties as Gift
50% Fees reimbursement scheme only for Minority.
BJP is surpassing even UPA in appeasement 🙏🙏🤣🤣🤣
Pre Matric Scholarship
Class I to V
Minority = 100 Rupees / month
OBC = 25 Rupees / month

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Free coaching to Muslim UPSC Aspirants
BJP Govt in Mah increased Muslim allocation by 75%

@ayravata thank you 🙏🙏🙏
Minority youth will be getting loan upto 5 Lakh ₹ for business,informed Hyder Azmi, president state minority commission after discussing with CM. Loan amount of 25 cr already distributed. Upto 300cr ₹ worth benefits to be distributed.

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SO called Nationalist Govt Spent Rs. 4500 Cr Minorities

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Who got diwali crackers banned ?? NO NOT the SC , it just acted on Modi Govt's recommendations

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Hypocrisy of Sangh on Sabarimala

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BJP offers Jerusalem trip to Nagaland voters.

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15% of total PM Awas Yojana (Grameen) fund is allocated to national minorities

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Excellent thread by @trackevangelism on scholarship disparity
Unstoppable Dawood Fernandes it is! Reservations for Muslims

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Looting Hindu Temples while funding secular institutions

Dawood Fernandes is going to great guns
Minority Ministry rolled out 35+ Lakhs Scholarships including 26+ Lakhs for Muslims.... "Haj ka Sath, Church ka Vikas"

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Maulana Modi ji ki Jai Ho
BJP Leaders helping Missionaries
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GoI funds missionaries who spew venom on Hindus and their Gods

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Wonderful! Loot temples and dole out Tax concessions to Mullahs.

"BJP is a Hindu Party" is bigger scam than even 2G
Beef export has seen surge under BJP regime

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“Hindu Party” might have banned beef but not beef export . Hypocrisy ki maa ki aankh 😬
Hindu govt destroying temples in varanasi in the name of development.

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While BJP closes Hindus schools via RTE by not reimbursing due, RSS is opening more n more madrassas

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Rayta wing favorite and Potential PM candidate.

Dawood Fernandes
Now that 2019 elections are over, expect Maulana Modi is going full retard!
Its NDA 3 and Maulana Modi Version 2.0

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Islamic Republic of India . Thank you Hindu Hriday Samrat

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Another Muslim specific Sscheme!
Some Brilliant insights by @mnshzz and @pranasutra 🙏
Awesome Statistics by @DataReveals 🙏🙏
The Next Hindu Hriday Samrat after Maulana Modi
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Uttarakhand's (Hindu) BJP govt takes over Temples

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The ideology which runs the BJP is rather confused explains @pAnchAlexpress 🙏
Few more Modiji gems in this thready by @wittycatty
Old thread but still relevant today.

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While the poor Hindu is struggling to afford food every day. MP Govt priority is to meet Imams and provide all they need during Ramzan.

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BJP's state committee has become a missionary. Might replace Project Joshua or world vision soon.

Hindus running for their lives in BJP Rules stated. Alarming thread by @RajBainsla 🙏
nation is devastated by Covid, two states devastated by Cyclone , Govt doesnt hav money and borrowing money from World bank. This is the first thing they down after lockdown.... #Priorities
From Horse's Mouth.....

Bhartiya Jamati Party.........
It is Yogiji's turn to become secular. There goes out last hope. Hindus you are on your own.
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