Up here at the Southwestern Research Station there is an initiative to remove invasive bull frogs from ponds. During the removal process they found a tadpole of gigantic proportions. BEHOLD #SciComm #desert #skyisland #frogs #arizona #BLACKandSTEM #womeninStem #UAResearch
Just to clarify. This guy is not the norm. Definitely an outlier with some sort of hormonal imbalance!
I know a lot of you were looking for updates and I can’t tell you exactly how big this guy is because the researchers haven’t published on it yet. A rough estimate would be the size of a medium banana. He is still alive and growing. His name is Goliath 😊 @swrsamnh
The researchers here at the station do not expect this guy to ever metamorphose due to the hormone imbalance. They are still trying to figure out what caused the condition.
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