Day 2. Baekhyun hasn't tweeted. I have locked myself in my room. Children are crying. The stock markets have crashed. The sky is falling. When will it end.
Day 3. Baekhyun hasn't tweeted. Riots have erupted on the streets. People are looting. Three earthquakes have occurred simultaneously. Is THIS the end?
Day 4. Baekhyun hasn't tweeted. I have started writing my will. The earthquakes have left thousands displaced. Rationing has been introduced. The suffering continues.
Day 5. Baekhyun hasn't tweeted. The world is beginning to look like a young adult dystopian AU. The world's population has been halved. NASA is considering relocation efforts to outer space. It continues.
Day 6. Baekhyun hasn't tweeted. Disease is rampant and further decimates the dwindling population. Quarantine efforts have failed. Rationing quotas have been shortened. People are losing hope.
Day 7. Baekhyun hasn't tweeted. The surviving population have been placed in zones. The government is suffering food shortages despite this and rationing at the bare minimum. Riots and discontent is rife. Will the people overthrow the system or will baekhyun end this madness?
Day 8. Baekhyun hasn't tweeted. The civil unrest is organised. The people are demanding the government to relax the strict regulation of food rationing. Life expectancy has been shortened and birth rates are declining. Baekhyun, you can end this with a single tweet.
Day 9. Baekhyun hasn't tweeted. There was a brief moment of respite as Baekhyun posted on Instagram, however Twitter is still starving. The civil unrest has become a resistance movement. The government is failing to suppress it. Revolution is near. Baekhyun apparently isn't.
Day 10. Baekhyun tweeted. Like divine intervention, the unrest was subdued peacefully. Cities and towns were reconstructed. Food production increased. Diseases were contained. Birth rates increased again. Like a phoenix from the ashes, the world was reborn again.
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