#ManafortMonday has begun.
This will be an all-day event, that delves into the secret world linking Fred Trump to Paul Manafort.
It's a 3-letter word.
Guess what it is?
One hint... you're on my timeline. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/890318041388531712
2. Let's start with some world-building.
First, if you're new here, there are some things to catch up on:
A) The truth behind the origins of American organized crime - and the global laundromat. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/1003018196796895232
2. B) New England was very important territory for bootleggers - and the Italian-American crime "family" organization (La Cosa Nostra) that arose from prohibition.
Why? It was key to their distribution route with Canada.
To secure N.E., Luciano...
3. ... & his men gained a complete grip over the politicians there from the '20s thru the Kennedy era. Some of this still continues to this day - just as it does in NY/NJ/Philly/Chicago/FL... well, all over the republic actually.

But let's stay focused on New England, because
6. ... equals the same thing as this.
Same operation.
Same "familia."
7. How can I make that claim about Manafort's papa?
Because there is no way, NONE, that he could have held all those posts - and done all that "public service" - and been a partner in his families CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS (why this never gets reported, I cannot fathom)...
9. I'm gonna let you absorb all of that, before I drop the next round.
Be back soon.
Manafort wears the pants.
Why does Manafort so thoroughly scare dotard?
11. Fred Trump was a filthy criminal. I'm gonna show you.
1st, he had no choice.
You see, when the mob kisses you, they shove their tongue all the way down your throat - while grabbing everyone you love by the p*ssy.
It's dirty. & you will never escape it.
12. That kiss? It was from his father, Friedrich Drumpf - the bootlegging & whore front for Meyer Lansky & Lucky Luciano.
That's right.
I'm saying it. Out loud. On Twitter.
I have been for awhile. I just haven't walked you through it.
That's what #ManafortMonday is all about. 😈
13. Actually, Drumpf was a pioneering partner. There is no other conclusion 2 make, if U study his path.
Let's dissect it.
Aside from Wayne Barrett, no1 has dug into Trump family history & corrupt practices more thoroughly than @DavidCayJ (& well... me). https://www.thedailybeast.com/meet-freidrichpimp-profiteer-and-patriarch-of-the-trump-line
14. In the pre-prohibition, Morello-Camorra-White Hand Gang era of organized crime, Drumpf landed in NYC. Quite the time. In fact, no way to land there & not be touched by one of those gangs. NOT POSSIBLE.

Now, we don't know much about that first landing. But we do know...
15. ... he stayed long enough to get an idea to move West (as many immigrants did).
So, I dug into that idea. You may have heard what it was.
Oh, yeah. Drumpf was off to run whore houses. LIQUOR & whore houses. Out West. Up by the Canadian border...
16. So, I'm researching Lansky, Luciano & their boot-legging empire - its origins. I'm deep into their Canadian partners - in the history of those relationships to organized crime in pre-prohibition NYC. And I learn this history about Drumpf.
That he traveled across country...
17. ...to set up whore & liquor establishments at the western Canadian border - and then into Canada itself.
And I couldn't get past the "WHY?"
Why'd he do that? Where did that idea come from?
Granted, this is what was happening. But ambitious young men are all the same...
18. ... no matter the era.
They hear of an opportunity - something new happening, & they make their move to seize a piece of it for themselves.

Then I land on the story - a "rumor" - from another historian, who worked with the Trumps (😏) to write her biography...
19. It's THE detail that unlocked the whole thing - all those months ago.
Even Cay caught it, but he ran right over it.

Drumpf - the pimp - was in the circle of getting information out of NYC-based organized crime (you can go research the Rockefellers in that era yourself).
20. Canada. Liquor. Whores.
Let me tell you something. If you're running liquored-up whore houses in pre-prohibition era Canada, you are a known quantity to the mobsters who are about to build a boot-legging empire.
Full stop.
They knew him. Or, at least, of him. AND...
21. His criminal partner.
22. Do I have your attention now? Hope so.
"Cuz we're gonna zip ahead. To when Drumpf returns to NYC.
Now, he did try desperately to get back into Germany (why so afraid grand-pappy Drumpf? you have a good thing going. whatcha running from? the MOUNTIES?! thought so)...
23. But the Kaiser didn't want him and his dirty money. So, he lands back in NYC - right smack in the middle of Lucky Luciano's territory.
And starts running whores again. Oh, I mean building a little real estate empire. Or, was he a barber? So many different stories...
Weird. 😏
24. Then, he drops dead when his son FRED TRUMP is just a teen. & leaves everything to his widow.
Who has small children.
Let's absorb that now. A prominent businessman who ran whore and liquor fronts in Lucky Luciano's territory drops dead, leaving 💰, a widow, & young children.
25. Anyone who knows those times - and how the mob operated, will tell you that Drumpfs widow and children fell under the protection of the Genovese crime family.
That was the tongue & grab moment for young Fred.
The kiss.
And the Genovese owned the Trumps ever since.
At least...
26. Until the RUS mob rolled in & took it all.
Ah, you see... we're getting to Manafort & his partner-in-crime, Fred Trump.
I'll roll that out this afternoon.
Because the kiss is over.
We're going full-orgy. With the lights on.
Just how Putin likes it. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/922443978716385280
27. Shall we continue..?

If the 🇮🇹-CT-Construction-Prince & the KKK-loving-Spawn-of-Luciano's bitch are gonna come together - and f*ck out in the great wide open, for all the world to see & not care - I can't think of a better town than New York City.
28. First, we gotta knock down some false narratives.
A) We could fill every mob port w/ the lies that poor out of dotard. But the lie of how he met/knew Manafort... well, it's there to protect his daddy.
And I'm all of f*cks for "Old Man Trump."
29. It's not even remotely plausidble that Fred didn't know (of) Paul Manafort since birth.
Because Paul Sr.'s construction company, Manafort Bros., was deep in Genovese territory. Just like Fred was. They served the same boss.
https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/957998535189893120 https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/957998790803324930
30. Oh - and, the Justice Dept/FBI knew all about Manafort Bros. too.
Always has. 😎
31. To say that Fred and Paulie didn't know each other is like saying you've never seen, met, or talked to your cousin and he lives in the bedroom next to yours.
So Fred knew his him. And dotard knew him - his whole life.
And they used him when they saw he had value...
32. Like this time in the early '90s, when Fred (still semi-cogent & running Trump Org) sent his idiot-carnival-barking kid 2 testify in Congress. Paulie Walnuts wrote the opening statement.
I've plucked some prime pieces of dotard insulting @FBI. Enjoy!
33. False narrative #2: Roy Cohn introduced Fat Tony Salerno (Genovese crime boss at the time) to Fred & dotard. With the help of Roger Stone, of course.
That's all I need to say, at this point in the thread.
Oh, other than "Where's MY Roy Cohn?!" was a gift...
34. That the media has, to date, completely missed. The "MY"... ? Yeah. That's the key word.
Roy Cohn was Trump Org's bitch. Because he was the mafia's bitch.
Not the other way around.
That kind of false narrative is exactly the obfuscation Roger Stone has perfected...
35. Thnx to Roger's mentor, Roy Cohn.
(psst... he's playing you MSM. they're all PLAYING you. but, I think you know that).
Did you remember that Roger was Paul Manafort's partner since they were the "Young Turks"?
Can you see why now?
Thought so.
36. Let's get to the orgy.
Meet BRAD ZACKSON, Fred Trump "consigliere" on real estate deals (Roy was there for city officials & the Genovese. It takes an army of these guys to front for the mob).
Oh look! Brad's also Paul Manafort's "fixer."
Imagine that. https://therealdeal.com/2017/08/31/meet-paul-manaforts-real-estate-fixer/
37. Brad loves the smell of money-laundering in the morning... I mean dirty construction deals... I mean NYC real estate.
Oh wait - is that Miami too, and Chinese money?
Well... Brad is a busy, busy guy.
38. Hang on. I know how some of you don't like to read through the articles. So, I'll drop this little screenshot here - so, you can see that Fred was running Brad.
39. You need to know that ⬆️, so that you can fully take in the next & last tweet of Round #3.
It's the orgy.
And I need you to read every name on it.
Because tonight, in Round #4, we're gonna run into the river of blood beneath Paul Manafort that keeps dotard up at night...
41. #ManafortMonday is ready for a wrap.
It's been fun, right? Learning all this mob stuff. Flipping on light switches to see all the sh*tbirds for who/what they really are.
Gettin' it all in a narrative on Twitter - from a professional screenwriter.
42. Gangsters as a tasty snack. Yum, yum. Munch, munch. All day long - a Twitter version of a Netflix binge.
And, I have been trying to entertain you. I have. Because I'm also really, really trying to inform you, and I know that entertainment works.
But here's the thing...
44. That's what business man fronts do for gangsters. They launder the profits.
They help hide the profits, so that Law Enforcement can't find it.
Then, they wash the blood off the money - by pushing it through their properties. So that the criminals who made it can buy yachts...
45. And it's not just real estate that launders. There are many, many vehicles - like hedge funds, shady non-profits (like the NRA), and now political pacs.
There are bagmen & operatives, who help pull of the launder.
And when the mobsters are running a nation state..?
46. Well, there are only a few operatives out there, who've amassed the skill set to service them. To both help create the situation - DESTABILIZE AN ENTIRE NATION, so that human misery can flourish (because that's where the profits are), AND help wash all that blood money clean.
47. This is Paul Manafort's skill set.
It's his job for the mob boss that now owns him.
That name on the lawsuit link that I asked you to look at in #40 above.
It's there, along with Zackson & Manafort.
The same name is detailed in the imbedded thread in tweet #26 above...
48. Semion/ Semyon Mogilevich.
Just google him.
Soon, I hope to give you some more on him - on his current state within the transnational organized crime empire he helped to build.
For now, just know that those other names in the lawsuit also belong to him:
Firtash & ...
49. Deripaska.
I've been trying to tell you about him for a year. As have @JamesFourM and @ninaandtito. And so many others... https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/903050093061849088
50. There have been people trying to tell you about Manafort's crimes since he joined dotard's campaign. Some of us have even done work off Twitter - building our own sites - just to try & get the word out.
Like this citizen researcher-journalist team. https://narativ.org/2017/09/20/blood-money/
51. Here is the lawyer for Yulia Tymoshenko in the suit against Manafort, Zackson, Firtash & Mogilevich. He's a former federal prosecutor, who blogs news about Manafort - just 2 get the word out. To tell any & every1 that Manafort is a filthy criminal...
53. Then, something happened today. It kinda shifted my #ManafortMonday ending, tbh.
I was always gonna bring you the blood.
The guilt & shame we all bear 4 letting this sh*tshow get this far, b/c - as a society - we value entertainment over fact.
But this is something else...
54. I don't even know what to call it, it is so craven. I'm going to get to it.
First, I'll give you the original ending: the blood money pot. B/c it's that important.

There is a money-pot from organized crime that is now too big to launder - thanks to mobsters like Manafort...
56. But that's not where #ManafortMonday ends.
Today, Mueller released some more information on Manafort's blood-money operation in the Ukraine.
And it's left me breathless.
So, #ManafortMonday is not going out with a bang. It's going out with my whimper. https://twitter.com/JamesFourM/status/1003836617612779521
57. I'm not going 2 stop.
I will expose every history, player, & LLC - concealed & obfuscated by these f*cking mobsters & their enablers.
So that they can never hide again.

I will lay down the bricks of truth.
And then, I'm gonna get my life back...
58. Eat it, mobsters.🖕
This thread exposes Yanucovich's wallet - the Ukrainian mafia money behind Paul Manafort.
Looks to me like it's Semion Mogilevich's kid.
So, fuck him. https://twitter.com/LincolnsBible/status/964844663109664770
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