Concept of the day - Bingo Cross. Let’s have a look at the evolution of a concept through different coaches over the years. Here’s the version used by Bill Walsh. As it says, designed to attack man under, with the 2 backs and TE running away from LBs
Jon Gruden had the same play in his 98 raiders playbook, but changed the read to the TE on the basic cross as the primary.
Gruden had a couple of other variations too. One with the back side route becoming an alert corner route instead of a clearing route to be ignored. Another variation came from personnel groups, running Zebra/11 personnel instead of 2 back.
Jay Gruden’s variation of Bingo Cross mixes those last two variations we saw from Jon Gruden. Has the corner route instead of the clearing route, and run from Zebra/11 personnel
This variation has become so much more than just a man under beater as designed by Bill Walsh. Still gives the middle triangle read, but also has the mills/pin concept vs quarters coverage, the Basic vs C3, the corner vs C2. Love this variation
The primary is typically the Basic. Against single-high looks, there's enough distractions underneath with the shallow cross and the back to draw underneath coverage up and create space for the Basic underneath the safety.
Some teams like to disguise coverages by rotating a safety down late, like the Giants did here. Collins just flashes his rotation before the snap, Cousins hits the Basic behind him.
When facing a team that runs a lot of quarters coverage, the quarterback should always be alert to the post route. Post + Basic cross is a great quarters coverage beater, often referred to as "Mills" or "Pin" (Post + In).
If the Basic isn't there, the shallow cross becomes the next read. Skins had the shallow cross sit or run depending on coverage.
If the quarterback likes the match up, he can work to the Y Corner on the back side
A variation the Skins had on this play this year was have the Z pivot back out instead of running the full shallow cross.
Here's Jay Gruden breaking down this concept with Chris Cooley. Full video here:
And here's Gruden again with Cooley breaking down the same concept, but this time against quarters coverage. Full video here:
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