WHO IS OCEAN GALAXY LIGHTS ? I've been piecing this mystery together over the past few months, here's what I know, a thread:

1. They're college students in the US who order these lights from Aliexpress for $15 and then sell it to you for $60.
2. They find viral tweets and pay the people who make them $30 to promote them as a reply to their tweet. Their website has weird 'customer service' quotes, until you search the text on Google and realise it's just a copy-paste Shopify template.
3. They are also scammers. Compare the '5-star' recommendations on their site to these reviews about them on Trustpilot, a site where they actually can't curate their own reviews. The phone number on their site doesn't work, yet they will call you to pressure you into ordering.
4. The photographs they use on the site aren't theirs but stolen from other similar lights. The rabbit hole goes deep, there are tons of sites selling the exact same thing, all on Shopify templates.
7. I'm only one person and sometimes miss these promo tweets. If you see any of those promo tweets i've missed, please tag me or link the thread. Thank you! Ocean man, take me by the hand https://twitter.com/OceanCheaper/status/1299983231442251780
... While you're here, check out these ocean galaxy lights for your bedroom http://oceangalaxylights.com 
UPDATE: the person behind this scam is Parsa Khademi from Upland, California who goes to University of California, Riverside @UCRiverside. Ocean Galaxy Light is actually run under his LLC, Khademi LLC: https://www.bizapedia.com/ca/khademi-llc.html
He masquerades under names like 'Kylie' when telling you he won't refund even if you ask to cancel minutes after making the order. The website says 'Made with❤️in California' but it's shipped from China as they admit in emails. And they violate FTC rules by not disclosing ads.
Since this thread started, I've gotten many DM's from people who got scammed. To everyone who has retweeted, thank you so much. He tries to make himself look good in the news, but we know the lies. Please help spread the word that PARSA KHADEMI IS A SCAMMER.
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