1) This is my #Qanon thread for June 24, 2020

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My Theme: Welcome to the Digital Battlefield
3) For several weeks, people close to President Trump have been suggesting that we create accounts on the Parler social media platform. https://twitter.com/DevinNunes/status/1274849790346448897
4) I didn't know if this was just another passing fad or if there was an organized effort by Trump's people to muster an army for an as-yet-undisclosed purpose.
5) But key people kept pointing us to Parler. https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/1273839741989945344
6) Yesterday, General Flynn posted this message on Parler.

"Digital Soldiers are on the move (get ready.)"
7) General Flynn knows the strategies and tactics needed to win the war being waged on social media over information and freedom of speech.
8) And then there this.

On June 15th, another three-star General, NSA Director Paul Nakasone, created a Twitter account. https://twitter.com/CYBERCOM_DIRNSA/status/1272537145673121793
10) When I piece these data points together, they indicate (at least to me) that an organized effort is underway to establish a leadership structure on social media.
11) Today, Q confirmed that soon, we the people, will have a General to lead us on the social media battlefield.
12) Many patriots don't like Twitter, but consider this:

Twitter may be under the control of corrupt people, but it is the domain (battlefield) where the war over information is being fought. If we do not engage the enemy here, they win the war.
13) As we approach the November election, the battle over control of information is heating up.

All assets are been deployed by the deep state to remove POTUS from office.

Two days ago, Q alerted anons to prepare the weapons of social media warfare for deployment.
14) Visual memes are important for a number of reasons.

They convey powerful truths in the form of a graphic image or video.
16) Meme updated.
17) Today you are being offered an opportunity to become a digital soldier.

If you choose to accept the offer, this is your first set of instructions.
18) Q wrote:
"Never retreat from the battlefield [Twitter, FB, etc.]."

If your account is suspended, create another one. Keep creating new accounts and don't quit.
19) Q wrote:
"Use other platforms as a form of centralized command and control. Organize and connect [bridge through linking]."
Parler is not under enemy control.
Patriots can use it as safe venue for communicating ideas, strategizing with leaders, and meeting other digital soldiers in a friendly environment.
Parler is not the battlefield. Think of it as a command center and communications network.

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit are the battlefields.
22) https://twitter.com/themarketswork/status/1275884168883261440
23) Q wrote:
"Source meme(s) material from battlefield and/or garage [highlight & share][take & drop]"

Find memes wherever you can i.e., Twitter, Facebook (the (battlefield) or create them yourself (garage).
24) Share the memes you have with others and grow your collection.
25) Q wrote:
"Mission 1: Dispute [reject] propaganda push through posting of research and facts"

Engage politicians and the legacy media.
Do not accept their narratives.
Present the facts from your own research.
Be respectful.
26) Q wrote:
"Mission 2: Support role of other digital soldiers [one falls another stands (rises)]"

Digital soldiers are not "loners."
Support the work of others (retweet good content.)
As soldiers leave or take breaks, fill in the vacancies with your own work.
27) Mission 3: Guide [awaken] others through use of facts [DECLAS 1-99 material and other relevant facts] and memes [decouple MSDNC control of info stream] _ask 'counter' questions to initiate 'thought' vs repeat [echo] of MSDNC propaganda
28) Present declassified information and other facts that counter the mainstream narrative.

Ask thought-provoking questions instead of accepting the narrative of someone else.
29) Q Wrote:
"Mission 4: Learn use of camouflage [digitally] _primary account suspended-terminated _use of secondary"

Learn how to avoid being de-platformed (avoid using certain words or engaging certain people).

When your account is suspended, know how to create a new one.
30) https://twitter.com/milford421/status/1275931046811504643
32) Know your strengths.
Use them.
Know your weaknesses.
Avoid them.
Know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. Exploit their weaknesses.
Avoid their strengths.
33) In the film TRON, the protagonist, Kevin Flynn knew programming language and computer architecture and used his knowledge to exploit his opponent's weaknesses and defeat them.
34) The weakness of Twitter is its inability to read & interpret memes.

Exploit your enemy's weakness. https://twitter.com/jack/status/1058076149668933632
35) Q wrote:
Game theory.
Information warfare.
Welcome to the Digital Battlefield.
Together we win.
36) “You need to have the right people.
The right leaders."

"You just gotta find the right weaknesses.
The weakness was to shine light on truth.
That’s what it came down to.”
~ General Flynn https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1275935721870655489
37) Q posted a link to a tweet by General Nakasone.
38) https://twitter.com/CYBERCOM_DIRNSA/status/1275821736739643394
39) From the board.
41) Nurse Deplorable took the oath. https://twitter.com/rn__deplorable/status/1275912266689523712
42) Q replied.
43) Johnald Trump took the oath. https://twitter.com/SavageDystrophy/status/1275934737161490432
44) Q replied in sign language.
45) A military-civilian partnership to gain control of the narrative has never been attempted before.

Attacks on Q and the movement over the last two years are indicators that the media lost control of the narrative and we have taken control of it.
47) Q posted a quote from the article.

According to General Flynn, the media lost control of the narrative because of their arrogance.
The same can happen to us.
Handle with care.
48) FYI - In August of 2018, Q estimated 300-350 million people worldwide were aware of the operation with 52-58 million actively following.

Imagine what the numbers are now.
49) In the previous post, Q meant to say "Worth Remembering."
50) 😎 https://twitter.com/ShaneHuntley/status/1275898590825639936
53) _entry
60) https://twitter.com/OracleExec/status/1275930503301005312
63) General Flynn's Parler account:
65) https://twitter.com/SteveScalise/status/1276190869171900417
68) Adam Schiff is sponsoring a bill that would restrict the President's ability to deploy the military in the homeland as permitted by the Insurrection & Posse Comitatus Acts.

What is Adam Schiff trying to prevent?

Everything we're witnessing revolves around the 2020 election.
72) Why did New York Governor Cuomo mandate the transfer of covid positive patients to nursing homes when it was known that the elderly are most at risk and there were other facilities available?
73) Another patriot takes the oath. https://twitter.com/QanonWga/status/1276229137603063809
74) 🙏🙏🙏
75) TDawg noticed that the President's remarks tonight about the possibility of a foreign country printing fake ballots echoed what Q said 3 days ago. https://twitter.com/Tdawg0925/status/1276334965492416513
76) The comments by the President and Q were not based on speculation, but on intelligence.

On November 3rd, (11.3) Dems and China will try to take back the White House.

"Important people understand for future events"
(POTUS has a plan to preclude election rigging)
77) The comments by the President can be heard in this video at the 41 minutes and 45 second mark.

78) Or here.
Trust the plan.
(These people [Ds] are stupid.) https://twitter.com/fairclare57/status/1276355299235049472
81) One might attribute the article to the usual MSM attacks, but this article seems to be a response to Q's posts yesterday about the battlefields of social media.

Define Information Warfare.
82) Q and the President posted within 1 minute of each other and Q posted first. (Anons call this a zero delta.)
83) They almost posted at the exact same second.

But not quite.

Q's post showed up on the board 3 seconds before the President's tweet.
84) @DanScavino runs the President's Twitter account.

Q said previously that less than 10 people can confirm him.
86) As the information war heats up, we should expect Twitter & Facebook to crack down on our freedoms.

We might also expect Q and POTUS to provide more disclosures and compelling proofs.
87) Oracle Exec posted a video yesterday where he took the oath. https://twitter.com/OracleExec/status/1276254946611146753
89) As House Republicans demand answers from Governors who required nursing homes to accept covid patients, House Democrats refuse to get involved. https://twitter.com/HouseGOP/status/1276589294010982401
90) Q asked if the Governor's orders violated government policies, if a jury would see their actions as negligent, and if the Governors are immune from liability.
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