The Rothschild Surrealist Ball of 1972 featured imagery that was meant to look “Satanic”(psyop) but to a more discerning eye, actually is mocking all religion. It features many sick examples of the infamous banking family mocking the rest of humankind #truth #SaturnDeathCult
more, do you see the Saturnian symbolism?
Why are the #Illuminati so obsessed with symbolism? Especially regarding horned gods, black cubes and the planet Saturn? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #NWO #awake #woke
more pics from the 72 Rothschild Surrealist Ball What could this all mean? #SaturnDeathCults #truth #Illuminati #awake #NWO #hiddenhand
Same Cult of Saturn, different day. They control the world through religion, banking and music. They worship a god of old. Research Enlil, Sin, Horned God, Moloch, Baphomet, Ancient Mesopotamian history. Anu, Sky God, Bull of Heaven #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #NWO #woke
Thank you everyone who has come on this ride with me! Here we are at the cusp of the Great Saturnian Conspiracy! Will you see a new world when reminded of all the horned gods, Saturn the god, black cubes and planet Saturns everywhere? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #NWO
13 Families rule the world. The Rothschild are the “public face” if there is one. They openly manipulate the world using their banking system. Their goals are population control and to hold onto their power over the entire world. We are their slaves! #truth #SaturnDeathCult
The 1972 Rothschild Surrealist Party included guest Salvador Dali. There was a pudding cake that was a woman(cannibalism, ritual sacrifice) highlighting exactly what we mean to the Rothschild family. #truth #Illuminati #SaturnDeathCults #NWO
Why is there an occult symbol on the planet Saturn? We know NASA lies and shows us fake pictures of space and planets but isn’t this going rather far just to show us who owns us? We must stay woke. #flatearth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati
In 1895 Edmond de Rothschild visited Palestine for the first time. He later supported huge land purchases and underwrote settlements in early Palestine. This was the foundation of todays Israel and the beginning of the plan to build the third temple. #SaturnDeathCult #truth
Perhaps the most disturbing #SaturnDeathCult material is CERN. Full of Saturnian symbolism including Hexagons, old gods(Shiva) and 666’s. Could this just be a #psyop or are they showing us an Anunnaki portal? #truth #Illuminati
Old god/portal CERN imagery. Shiva is here coming through a portal. As well as symbolism for Sin son of Enlil(Enlilites) from Urak(former home of Abraham). Is this just for Particle Physics? Are they building a portal or just telling is how it all works? #SaturnDeathCult #truth
CERN imagery connects to the gods of old. Inanna, Shamash and Sin. Are they telling us the old gods are still is control, they want to bring them back or is there a mathematical secret here of some kind? #CERN #SaturnDeathCult #Illuminati #truth #Anunnaki
The Rothschilds and the rest of the #SaturnDeathCult families are at the top of the power structure but they use mind control to consolidate their power by using government alphabet agencies to spy, spread propaganda and manipulate us to nefarious ends. #truth #Illuminati
Lets talk about this picture again. We have a woman wearing a cube veil(drawing curtain back)-hand Phonograph in front of another curtain. We have the shadow(man behind the curtain). They are looking at something and the man with the child hands head is blowing Saturns. #truth
The cube veil is black and seems to have planets on it? The thing in the center looks like what, a dead tree of life? What are they looking at and why so posey? Why does the man with the painted gold face look concerned?
They call it “Revelation of the Method” aka Predictive Programming. They make their twisted future happen on behalf of Saturn using occult magic which works on the human collective unconscious! #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Revelations #Psyop
Disturbing Saturn imagery is everywhere. I could not make this up or jump to conclusions if I tried. Why this Moloch as well? Why do they venerate Moloch the horned god at Bohemian Grove? Is Alex Jones in the Club? #SaturnDeathCult #CultofSaturn #Saturn #truth #woke #staywoke
In the book of Enoch, there are five Saturns or Five Satans. Lucifer is a modern invention based on a mistranslation. There is no “Morning Star” as in a fallen angel. The closest is Gadreel who is the one who tempted Eve. His name is pronounced “God”(thanks Alan Horvath) #truth
A very frequent phenomena we see in our skies are triangle craft ufo. This reflects the hidden technology this #SaturnDeathCult hoard and use for their #psyops Look into Pheonix Lights. They have anti-gravity technology and assassinate inventors who stumble onto it #UFO #Aliens
The Tetragrammaton represents the black sphere cube Matrix we are in. It can transform to become so many sacred geometric shapes. The #SaturnDeathCults hide it everywhere in society under our noses to show us who is in control of our time/space. Please get #woke #truth
Aleister Crowley was involved in the intelligence community. Baphomet has origins that trace as far back as the Knights Templar, we can assume he is the older Moloch. These people are all plants, shills and characters using the occult world to manipulate #truth #SaturnDeathCults
Who is part of the Rothschild Family? Well Hillary Clinton seems to be in their pocket. The Paris Hilton family is married into them by her sister Nicky. Hitler seems to be connected to the family as well. #SaturnDeathCult #illuminati #truth #NWO #staywoke
New York City had its own #IlluminatiBall in 2019 thrown by Cynthia von Buhler based on the original 1972 version thrown by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild. Is this an innocent parody? It seems to have garnered quite a bit of attention for something thrown in a secret location #truth
more pictures from the #IlluminatiBall 2019. Do the cows represent Moloch? Is it Enlil or perhaps his son Sin? They just rub it in our faces don't they? I better read this book. #SaturnDeathCult #truth #woke #staywoke #psyop Is that an #Illuminati pyramid again?
Nur-Sultan formerly known as Astana(Satana?) is known by some researchers as the #Illuminati city If we are looking for #SaturnDeathCult evidence here, then we have hit the jackpot. #truth
Please read The Gods of Eden by William Bramley. It will clear up many loose ends in this #SaturnDeathCult conspiracy where horned gods use us as cheap labor. It ties into Anunnaki research. More recommended books are listed as well to get a full picture #truth #Illuminati #Ufo
More books to get the full picture on the #SaturnDeathCult These will help to understand the magical perspective of #Illuminati occultists who use magic to control us all on the unconscious and subconscious level #truth #occult #magick
and some more books to help tie everything together. These are really good and are the missing link between the #aliens and #magic. #truth #SaturnDeathCults
one more book recommendation for now with the intent to give everyone reading the full picture of the Saturnian perspective. More pieces of the puzzle. #SaturnDeathCults #truth #occult #booklovers
Saturnalia is the original holiday of holidays for the #SaturnDeathCult who for whatever reason would want to worship a god who ate his children. Cronus his Greek counterpart and Ninurta(son of Enlil) from Sumer are associated with the actual planet Saturn. #truth
There are many #SaturnDeathCult movies that feature black cubes, Saturn imagery, Stargates or people being stuck in an artificial reality such as The Matrix, The Truman Show, The Thirteenth Floor, The Adjustment Bureau. Some seem to warn of what happens when you go deep #Matrix
Celebrities pushing horned god imagery(Moloch, Sin, Enlil, Baphomet aka hexagon face) for the Saturn Death Cults #SaturnDeathCult Remember Satanism and Luciferianism are modern #psyops and not ancient religions so what is Lady Gaga really pushing here? Baphomet is an Androgyne.
I analyzed the tattoos of Grimes who is girlfriend of Elon Musk, billionaire #SaturnDeathCult disinformation actor/agent who pushes space fantasies. I suspect Grimes is an abused MK-Ultra sex slave. She uses a ton of alien imagery to prepare us for the #Illuminati Grand Deception
more Grimes Saturn Death Cult weirdness. I feel bad for her, she has such an empty stare. #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #mindcontrol #TargetedIndividuals #mkultra
1776 was such a busy year. The Bavarian Illuminati was supposedly founded May 1st 1776. That would mean the #Illuminati would have already taken over Masonry, like they would even have to😹. That means the #SaturnDeathCults started The New World either way. #truth #woke
One god you don’t ever seem to see associated with the #SaturnDeathCult is Enki, Dagon or Ptah. His existence is scrubbed from history and he often gets conflated with the devil by #disinformation and #Psyop which seeks to slander him. He is coming back #truth We do have a friend
Known from "The Da Vinci Code" starring Tom Hanks(who is Illuminati himself), the Merovingian family claims to have descended from a "Sea-Beast". Perhaps the only Saturn family with a more troubling history than the Rothschilds themselves #SaturnDeathCults #truth #Illuminati
Merovingian, The 13th Illuminati bloodline is where the anti-christ will originate from. They refer to him in quantrains as "Le Grand Monarch". They believe Jesus himself moved to France and married into their bloodline. Their ancient origin could be Cain #SaturnDeathCults #truth
Who was Roman Polanski? A member of the Hollywood secret mafia and possibly tied to #SaturnDeathCult His wife Sharon Tate was murdered by a cult. Roman is known for making movies with a "Satanic" concept which we already learned is a #psyop #Illuminati #truth What is going on?
What are the secrets of the CERN wormhole? I am dying to know? I know these #SaturnDeathCult black sacred geometry triangles fly through the sky like little #Illuminati pyramids. Time travel? #truth
Thoth says the old gods left long ago, so then who is vamping off us? Do they fight? It seems there are endless amounts of "demons and angels". Who is in control and behind the black cube? Is this more about good vs. evil? Is war coming? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #UFO #Illuminati
I bet you are wondering who the good guys are. Ever heard of a Godhead? I am talking Jesus Christ, Krishna, Buddha and anyone else who has channelled the divine interface of the true creator. Why do the bad aliens run from Jesus? He is God. Why are some old gods good? #truth
Tom Hanks has an aura of mind controlled creepiness I will never understand. The true face of a demonic possessed Illuminati sociopath psychopath who mocks truthers regularly. Controlled his whole life with blackmail. Son Chet too! #SaturnDeathCults #truth #Illuminati
Pornography is a tool that is being used to bring out the worst in us. When love and relationships are replaced with empty imagery, it turns humans into isolated robots. The #SaturnDeathCult pushes porn on the rest of humanity to keep us inadequate and addicted. #truth
Space the Final Frontier! Did you know it was made in a Hollywood basement? Oh yes the #SaturnDeathCult is the mastermind behind our Cosmology which is about as real as Middle Earth, perhaps less. #Illuminati #flatearth is the truth a black cube simulation?
The goal of the #SaturnDeathCult is to turn us into a part of the black cube itself. This is The “Mark of the Beast” from Revelations and it gives them total dominance. You bite their apple, you pay the price! Research Bill Gates! #Revelations #MarkOfTheBeast
They control literally every aspect of your day to day reality through symbolism and hypnosis whether that means venerating old gods or seeding the collective unconscious with controlled activism. They own language! They know your weakness! #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #truth
The Catholic Church is one of the biggest successes of the #SaturnDeathCult Many believe them to be in opposition to other Abrahamic religions but that is not really the case at all. The Jesuits are the intelligence network of the church and act as go betweens. #truth #Illuminati
They always seek to drag us into the "Surreal" in order to replace our gods of old with themselves. Same people are always involved regardless of the angle. It is another illusion, we are already inside the black cube #truth #transhumanism #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #staywoke
Why did they try to put fear in you about the End of Days? It was to make YOU afraid to make war like your ancestors did in Atlantis! "They" try to fool us with fake underwater images so we don't see our roots or when they took control of our reality #truth #SaturnDeathCult #NWO
Memorize and make copies of the information here, who knows what may happen, we may lose internet due to Corona. then replicate it in the future with your own magical spin! #truth #SaturnDeathCults
History is 60% or more hoaxed by #SaturnDeathCults It gets reset every so often when the population gets too big or we get too close to waking up. Evidence of #mudfloods and Atlantean civilization is all we need to see. Transforming triangle craft guard secret #truth #staywoke
Where are the #SaturnDeathCults during these Pandemic crisis times? If they aren’t there already, they are headed to a city under the Denver Airport. Just one of many hidden locations the elite call the #backstage They hide while we suffer. #truth #Psyop
Just when you think you have a friend, turns out it is controlled opposition! Guess what else is not your friend. Books written by a member of the Fabian Society that they force down your throat at school! The anti-love book! #truth #SaturnDeathCults
Blind fools we must have been to not realize George Orwell was in the Fabian society to help shape the world as a wolf in sheeps clothing. The famous book “1984” was the future they were planning for us all along. #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati
They are just like U.S. but from the other side of the world. We know the #SaturnDeathCult loves to play both sides. They have been preparing for the next World War since the end of the last one. Make no mistake, war is coming and the elite have fancy hidden #backstage bunkers
Do you ever hear those angelic Haarp harmonics as you fall asleep? It sounds like a bloop and whine filled symphony. The proof of direct electronic mind control exists in the form of patents, documents, visible technology and individual testimony. #truth #SaturnDeathCult #ELFwave
Unfortunately in this Age of Disinformation and Misdirection, it can be very hard to know who to trust. By controlling the opposition, there is literally nothing they cannot get their #SaturnDeathCult hands on. Agents and shills are everywhere these days! #truth #disinformation
Taking advantage of a "frequency reality" means #SaturnDeathCults can present things how they see fit, even if it means pushing two equally provable ideas. Both round earth and #flatearth have too many holes to be fully true. This is all to divide us! Both are #psyops #truth
#SaturnDeathCults hate the giants! The evidence is overwhelming to say the least. If you are caught with “giant bones” it won’t take long to draw the eye of Illuminati Museums. #truth #hiddenhistory
The #mudflood resets by the #SaturnDeathCults are truly frightening. They have stolen our true history and replaced it with a pack of lies! None of it makes any sense. It is a big mess and they just give us a narrative. #truth What happened? #hiddenhistory
Huh?..Land of the Free?..Masons? What exactly is going on here? How has a #SaturnDeathCult managed to set this all up? It is almost like this is the foundation of the New World. Too bad we were hypnotized! #truth #Illuminati
Where do you come from? Are you snake clan or bird clan? Stargate is more than just a movie and these anthropomorphic ancient “gods” were obsessed with bloodlines and genetics! #truth #UFO #SaturnDeathCults #stargate
The degraded Draconian descendants and hybrids have taken control of our reality through sorcery. They stick it in our faces and we still cannot see their magics. Break the Serpents Spell! #SaturnDeathCult #truth #Reptilians
The September 11th attack on our World Trade Center marked the end of our normal day to day reality. The entering of the twin gates and exiting into the "surreal". This basically means all the madness from behind the curtain is now reaching out to get us #truth #SaturnDeathCults
They put up so many "fake" looking UFO videos and pictures on purpose that we will often miss the real ones. The #SaturnDeathCults wish to keep us in perpetual confusion about the issue. The sightings increase as we enter the future. Sky battles ahead? #truth #UFO
They tell us what is going on. Were these modern movies put out by #SaturnDeathCults or inspired by another source? Perhaps both? The Gods of Old crossed their DNA into primitive man and created "us". Now there are movies hinting at and describing #truth #Anunnaki
Cat Tribe how you hanging these days? Do you need litter? Will you be back for the final battles you cute little guys? Hopefully everyone will show up at some point during the end of time! Where art thou Oh King of Cats! #truth #SaturnDeathCult #UFO #Aliens
We live in not a flat earth or a round earth but a "magical-reality". It has shape and it has form. The rules do not need to always apply as straight forward as we might believe-it works. #SaturnDeathCult control our reality by controlling language/using #reptilian magic #truth
Ancient Egypt was full of all kinds of amazing aliens such as snake tribe, bird tribe, cat tribe etc hanging out with the gods(Annunaki) and us using sweet futuristic alien technology! They hide this #truth from you! Those silly #SaturnDeathCults #hiddenhistory #Anunnaki
Vampiric blooded Draconian hybrids, descendants from the Nephilim from so long ago. Prince Charles being a great example. These are the Orion descendent Reptilians cousins down here on earth but very impure compared to aliens. #truth #SaturnDeathCult
The evidence is overwhelming. They blend into our society meanwhile hiding the secrets of our reality and earth at the highest level. The Elite families and their cousins the #Reptilian Sorcerers are controlling our society at the deepest levels! #truth #SaturnDeathCult
What we think of as aliens, are actually inter-dimensional beings abducting us and ruling in secret! Have you heard of the mantids? They are smarter than the reptilians! Some go by the name of "Doctor" They are part of an evil Alien Alliance #truth #aliens #SaturnDeathCults #UFO
Why do the #SaturnDeathCults push weird kinky porn? It is to drain the spiritual creation energies known as "Kundalini/Chi/Ki"! The Reptilian parasites feed off Sadism and need porn to keep your vibration low so that they can keep feeding. This is why they hate marriage! #truth
The Fallen Seraphim or The #Reptilians have a long history of human sacrifice. These same practices are used by the #SaturnDeathCults today. Cannibalism is reported to be a favorite of the Nephilim elite who drink blood as well. #truth #AncientAliens
#Reptilian aliens using technology who were involved with eating humans along with giant hybrids continuing the tradition seemed to be a major theme in certain areas of Meso-America. Native Americans up north would report man eating giants as well. #truth #SaturnDeathCults
The general theme of #Reptilian or otherwise gods with powers of technology and sorcery eating humans continues throughout ancient American history. This is why America back then was known as Land of the Snakes. Angels to some, demons to others. #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Aliens
Tiamat, Vritra, Coatlicue and Jörmungandr are Dragons/Serpents involved with creation in four separate parts of the ancient world. In China, you have Pangu who was the first man and married the Dragon Kings daughter. Is this proof of Reptilian alien influence? #truth #Reptilians
Christianity has its own version of an ancient god crossbreeding story. In the book of Enoch, The Five Satans lead the watchers in falling from heaven and impregnating human women with their seed to create super humans/giants. #truth #AncientAliens #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati
Christianity shows more links to #Reptilian aliens in its creation story which features a talking snake(nahas) temping Eve into giving up her "purity/godliness" We have the Dragon from Revelations as well which is similar to early descriptions of gods fighting Tiamat. #truth
Aliens are not demons although they can behave in the same way as extra-dimensionals. Pazuzu is a great example of an actual demon who existed alongside the gods of Mesopotamia. He was an entity used to ward Lamashtu away, an even worse spirit who would try to steal babies #truth
One common theme is the depiction of The Mesoamerican gods using steampunk technology integrated with sacred geometry. This is perhaps the undisputed smoking gun that the #SaturnDeathCult wants to hide. #truth #ufo #ancientaliens
What sort of advanced sacred steampunk technology did the Mayan and Aztec gods have? There seems to be similar tribes of inter-dimensional gods/deities to Egypt(serpent, cat, bird tribes of helpers behind the leaders/gods). The #SaturnDeathCults hide the #truth #ancientaliens
Even ancient "cave-people" drew pictures of Anthropomorphic inter-dimensional tribes of beings including insectoids, who created animals in our world based on their own DNA. They helped early humans on and still do breeding experiments #truth #SaturnDeathCult #AncientAliens
Deep Underground Military Bases are joint operations between the shadow government and the Reptilians. The bases feature cloning, genetic experiments and human imprisonment. There are reported cases of battles between humans and aliens like in the case of Phil Schneider #truth
Most will laugh at the idea of Dragons yet our world was full of "Thunder Lizards" in the past. We rarely find anything complete outside of skulls. In reality the dinosaurs were related to Reptilians and many of them flew and walked upright. #Dragons #truth #SaturnDeathCults
Reptilians are 4th dimensional vampiric beings who reincarnate into elite family lines. The genetics have to be close to work. They drink human blood and eat flesh to maintain their form and abilities. They are also addicted to fear/andrenochrome. #SaturnDeathCults #truth #UFO
Tiamat/Lilith is the 7 headed Dragon Earth Goddess and the true "Adversary/Leviathan" in the sense that she is the opposite of God before male based religious control erased her existence and replaced it with "Satan". She is the queen of Reptilians. #SaturnDeathCults #truth
The #SaturnDeathCults are trying to resurrect a "Messiah" through the Merovingian line because he is not only the offspring but the "root" of David. This is why they kill over bloodlines. This will not be the true "Bright Morning Star" but an opposite, an anti-christ #truth
Jesus Christ will be reborn during the time of Revelations but the Dragon will try to kill him by using abortion and by hunting all the babies. As Christians, our job is to hide the child and keep him safe for he is the bright morning star Messiah! #truth #SaturnDeathCults
The #SaturnDeathCults created "Satanism" as a way to distract humanity from what they are really doing which is ancient Serpent Cult Magic tied to their own Reptilian Bloodlines. They even call themselves "Dragons". Their religion is full of blood drinking and sacrifice #truth
The book of Daniel mentions "The God of Forces" who will give power to the anti-christ. This is the same 7-Headed horned/crowned Dragon/Leviathan from Revelations who will bestow The BEAST power. In ancient times she was known as the Great Goddess Lilith/Tiamat or Tehom. #truth
Aleister Crowley initiated what were known as the Babalon Workings where he brought forth the Goddess Lilith using Enochian magick. A prophecy set in motion by John Dee, completed by Jack Parsons. The "BEAST" Crowley was the unleasher of the Apocalypse.! #truth #SaturnDeathCults
What is the eye at the top of the pyramid disguised as Horus? It is The Sleepy Eye of The Great 7 headed Drakon Goddess Lilith/Tiamat! It is the eye of the Leviathan always upon you because it is the Demiurge/Womb/Matrix itself that #SaturnDeathCult Reptilians worship. #truth
How do you venerate the Goddess Timat? Well you get the entire world to worship her body as the Lady of Babylon, perhaps even the modern incarnation of Lilith.... Baphomet!. With all eyes giving her their serpent energy she is sure to gain ultimate power upon this earth. #truth
The Kabbalah system focuses on the "Tree of Life" which is made up of nodes called "Sephiroth". There is a node named "Saturn" that represents a place of many mirrors where the initiate realizes the world is an illusion/matrix/black cube simulation. #truth #SaturnDeathCult
Madonna is accused of being a "Satanist" but when you actually look into her personal beliefs, you begin to see she is Lilith(Baphomet/Tiamat)from the Kabbalah world personified. Same with the other Illuminati "ladies". They bring the spirit of Tiamat #truth #SaturnDeathCult
In Christianity, the goddess is represented by Mary who represents the Womb/Matrix that Christ was born into. The #SaturnDeathCult has moved Mary from being the mother of Christ to being a worshipped deity in order to give more energy to Tiamat/Lilith/ and the Goddess-Head #truth
Tiamat/Lilith is represented in so many ways in our culture. She is the Alien Queen who fought Ripley, she is Sarah Kerrigan the Angel transformed to The Queen of Blades(God of Forces) from Starcraft(Tiamats story). She is Maleficent(played by a Vampiress) #SaturnDeathCult #truth
Kulullû from Ancient Sumer is the real Cthulhu who was the pet of the fish God Ea/Enki/Dagon from the H.P. Lovecraft Mythos/Sumer. He/She was born from Tiamat to fight the Anunnaki. There aren't many pictures left over from history unfortunately. #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Cthulhu
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