In 1986, The People ran a story about an attempt to pressure Robert Maxwell into halting its coverage of the Harvey Proctor scandal.
A sinister caller threatened otherwise to reveal a relationship between Ghislaine Maxwell and the now 11th Duke of Rutland.
If the number of entries in Jeffrey Epstein's phone book is any indication as to the status of a politician, Peter Mandelson, with no fewer than 10 numbers, must have made it to the very top of the greasy pole.
Was he on speed dial?
Anthony Royle was MP for Richmond in Surrey, the home of Britain's infamous Elm Guest House child brothel until the year after it was raised by Met police.
His daughter Lucinda features in Epstein's telephone book ...
MP Shaun Woodward, who married into the Sainsbury dynasty, and his wife Camilla both appeared in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book.
Shaun sheepishly teamed up with Esther Rantzen of ChildLine, who jumped into bed with paedophile Nicholas Fairbairn.
Climate denier, paedophile apologist and Thatcher minister Nigel Lawson's son Dominic's wife Rosa Monckton also graced Epstein's list. Nigel's daughter Nigella was for many years girlfriend of Harvey 'Spanker' Proctor's IICSA QC Geoffrey Robertson.
The actor Nigel Havers is the son of Michael Havers. His step-daughter is Clare Bronfman, heavily implicated in the NIXVM cult. Her brother Edgar Jr. appears on Epstein's list. Edgar Sr. was director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.
Michael Jackson also features in Epstein's little black book. Almost certainly a paedophile, he was welcomed with open arms to Westminster by Greville Janner, who should have stood trial for buggery, and Paul Boateng of Angel Rd. fame.
Nicholas Fairbairn, Thatcher protégé, seducer of Esther Rantzen and patron of the Elm Guest House child brothel, was a nasty rapist who defiled the daughter of his close friend Robert Henderson.
Fairbairn's daughter Charlotte appears on Epstein's list.
Err, are you getting the picture yet, or should I continue?
Sir Anthony Bamford, Tory donor, friend of Blair, BigEars and Hague, and JCB boss, also loaned money to Jeffrey Archer, one of Harvey Proctor's shirt shop donors. He is one of several on the list with links to children's charities.
Next up: Churchill grandson and Serco CEO Rupert Soames, brother of Wardrobe-with-Little-Key Nicholas Soames, a Harvey Proctor supporter. Nicholas warned Lady Diana to stop meddling in a controversy over landmines. He and Boateng are directors at Aegis.
Fraudster Gerald Ronson and his wife Gail had several listings in Epstein's black book, although Gail denies having met him. Gerald - VP of NSPCC and friend of Greville Janner - is related to Leon Brittan of Barnes Common and Malcolm Cash-for-Access Rifkind of Dunblane.
Just a minute! Isn't that Mathew Freud, son of paedophile Clement Freud who was friend of the McCanns and Jeremy Thorpe, grandson of Sigmund and employee at Lord Bramall's Dorchester? Like Cyril Smith, nominated for a gong by the disgraced David Steel?
Ghislaine's best friend is Ariadne Calvo-Platero, daughter of Lord Beaumont who had strong links to the Royals, PIE's Peter Righton, John D Stamford of EGH-linked Spartacus, Jeremy Thorpe, Antony Grey, Albany Trust, Eton Mission ... and Jeffrey Epstein.
Ronald Perelman is a Trump friend and the ex-husband of Ellen Barkin who just today claimed Ghislaine Maxwell is Epstein's pimp. More recently, Ellen was all set to marry @InquiryCSA's disgraced lawyer Ben Emmerson, colleague of Amal Clooney.
Milly Soames is good friends with Alice Prochaska, mother of Elisabeth Prochaska, deputy to Ben Emmerson, lead barrister at the @InquiryCSA child abuse inquiry and erstwhile hubby-to-be of Ms. Barkin, who both quit the inquiry under a shroud of mystery.
A gaggle of giggles: David Blaine, magician, Epstein contact and friend of Uri Geller, was present at the Palace of Westminster when Greville Janner, Peter Bottomley and Paul Boateng welcomed Michael Jackson to the mother of parliaments.
Ghislaine Maxwell was so close to Jeffrey Epstein, she didn't need an entry in his Little Black Book. But did you know that her father Robert was a director of AGB Research together with Michael Havers, brother of the Sloshed Butler, and Ronald Waterhouse's buddy Peter Cooper?
Former Richmond councillor, Thatcher-era MP, Little Willy Whitelaw's deputy at the Northern Ireland Office and member of the CoE General Synod, William van Straubenzee was named in child abuse files unearthed by the Cabinet Office in July 2015 linking him to Kincora.
David MacMillan, husband to Bella Pollen and grandson of Harold MacMillan, was the subject of a light-hearted plot to usurp Ed Vaizey leaked by WikiLeaks which illustrates how strings are pulled behind the scenes in Britain.
From 1981 until 1989, von Kotze worked for Hogg Robinson where Timothy Royle, brother of Richmond MP Anthony Royle, was appointed CEO in 1980, leaving in 1981 to lead a management buyout of the dubious Control Risks Group called on to search for Maddy.
Conrad Black, convicted fraud and former owner of the Telegraph and Jerusalem Post, was recently pardoned by his friend Trump because they were old buddies and Black had written nice things about Trump.
Andrew Neil, Sunday Times editor from 1983 to 1994, seen below crucifying PM hopeful Bumbling Boris in a recent TV interview, owns a multi-milion condo in Trump Towers.
Lulu Hutley, Princess Eugenie's godmother and friend of Sarah Ferguson, hit the news when she lashed out cruelly at a hunt saboteur.
When not in riding attire, she likes to hug male strippers.
Alistair McAlpine, Tory treasurer and Thatcher's jolly bagkeeper, was at the centre of the child abuse scandal in the UK and the subject of a libel case against Sally Bercow:
Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *innocent face*
Rupert Murdoch, the puppeteer and puller of strings in British politics, phones Trump every week to talk strategy, and even sat in on Gove's interview with Trump. His paper, the Sun, called for an end to @InquiryCSA soon after a private meeting with May.
Menage à quatre:
Honest, guv, we're just good friends ... aren't we Emma?
In 1979, Jamie Sainsbury, son of grocer and Thatcher's minister Tim Sainsbury, goose-stepped through Oxford. In the 80s, his mother Susan was involved with Mainwaring-Knight. Both Robert Butler-Sloss and Shaun Woodward married into the Sainsbury clan.
Fancy a cuppa, Love?
Andrew's twilight visit to Courtney Love.
And did you notice the little arrow in Courtney Love's entry pointing to Dana? Well, that is Dana Giacchetto, an investor in Digital Entertainment Network, the company in the Bryan Singer lawsuits, where Singer and other investors were charged with molesting underage boys.
Jeffrey A. Sachs was a close associate of Dana Giacchetto and, alongside Nicole Junkermann, is the second person linked to Epstein who has ties with healthcare consultancies.
The sex-slaver NXIVM cult held seminars on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in hope of recruiting him into the organisation. Branson couldn't remember them ... but others did.
Neckar Island is not a thousand miles away from Little St. James, in fact it's only 34 miles!
Fly Virgin without hesitation, deviation or repetition! With David Frost, Uri Geller Freud and Clement Freud ...
All-round nasty Toby Daniel Moorsom Young, taker of illegal drugs and Groucho Club expellee, claims never to have been within 100 yards of Epstein, and says they move in completely separate world's.
O really?!
Like father, like son:
Although Dominic Lawson doesn't appear worthy of his own entry, he does appear as Dominic under Rosa Monckton. Interesting that both Dominic and his daddy Nigel sang from the same hymn sheet when it came to denigrating any inquiry into child sexual abuse.
Current affairs presenter Jonathan Dimbleby is another figure in the public eye who has always been quick off the mark to criticise coverage of CSA in the media. Instances include the Newsnight report on Savile and the famous Cameron interview on This Morning.
Jonathan Dimbleby was a director of Writers and Scholars International, together with Barbara Hewson mate David Aaronovitch and Peter Palumbo.
Aaronovitch has a long history of dismissing claims about VIP paedophiles.
Nick Hurd was one of 295 MPs who voted against an amendment to the Official Secrets Act that would have given witness protection to the victims of high-profile child abuse. The wife of his brother, Thomas, allegedly committed suicide in Epstein's New York.
Jeremy Hunt's 2019 campaign manager, the Ludlow MP Philip Dunne, is in Jeffrey Epstein's black book, together with his spouse Domenica. Dunne also campaigned heavily for David Cameron, also involved in arms.
The Meaning of Life:
Monty Python's John Cleese and his child psychoanalyst wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger, now divorced, appear on Epstein's list. Faye studied under Anna Freud, Sigmund's youngest child, and has strong ties to the Hampstead clinic and the Esalen cult.
The Rutlands have a long relationship with Harvey Proctor. The Duke was both the subject of blackmail and gave Whacko work and a flat at Belvoir Castle. The 'Nick' trial utterly exposed Harvey Proctor, buddy of Jonathan Denby whose cousin Barbara Hewson attended proceedings.
David Granby is another of Jeffrey Epstein's contacts.
But hold on: Isn't that just another name for the Duke of Rutland?
He must have been very important to the man Ghislaine procured young females for. And wasn't Ghislaine photographed in compromising positions with the Duke!
Sarah Ferguson takes up considerable space in Jeff's little black book along with the Duke of Rutland. Fergie was involved with producing The Young Victoria (2009), which was filmed at Belvoir castle when failed shirt-shop Proctor worked there as tour guide and general factotum.
John Mappin is a friend of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson's Minister for the 19th century, a Scientologist, proponent of fossil fuels and climate denier who lives with his Khazak wife in sinister Camelot Castle in Tintagel, a hotel cum recruiting ground for Scientology.
David Koch is one of the Koch brothers who have influenced British politics by funding organisations like Turning Point which links to John Mappin, Spiked and Living Marxism. Barbara Hewson writes for Spiked and was a LM member.
Former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine and his family have numerous listings in Epstein's book. Hezza was one of several MPs who helped Harvey Proctor set up his shirt shop. He also gave porn collector Patrick Rock, Cameron's close aide, his first break in politics.
Alexandra Williams, an art dealer, is Heseltine's daughter - curiously, all contact numbers are blacked out in her case. Her father resigned as deputy to Thatcher in the wake of the Westland affair.
Jennifer d'Abo was married to Peter Cadbury from the chocolate factory. Their son, Joel, was owner of the Groucho Club, frequented by J. Hunt, which was caught up in a child abuse scandal. Another Cadbury, Jocelyn, is said to have visited Elm Guest House.
Clive Bannister switched from HSBC to head Phoenix and is the son of Roger Bannister, the first man to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Sebastian Coe, close friend of William Hague, led the tributes to Roger Bannister in 2018.
Aldridge Saffron is a British model and close friend of Meghan Markle. Her current husband is Ian Wace, financier and co-founder of the Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) charity which subscribes to the principles of child protection and has Lord 'Hedge Fund' Fink as co-director.
Aurelia Stephenson is a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, seen here arriving at Aurelia's wedding in Salisbury with one of the Duke of York's detectives. Later, Prince Andrew drove Ghislaine from the church in his Aston Martin.
Geordie Greig (not Gregg) succeeded Paul Dacre as editor of the Daily Mail in 2018. He was the biographer of Lucien Freud, brother of paedophile Clement. As Tatler editor, Greig is well connected; his sister Laura was a lady-in-waiting to Princess Diana.
Clementine Hambro, the sobbing bridesmaid at Lady Di's wedding, is the great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill and hence related to the Wardrobe with the Little Key. Her husband is the grandson of Lord Porn, hence a distant relative of Harriet Harman.
Carella Alun-Jones is the daughter of Sir John Derek Alun-Jones, chairman of Ferranti and governor of Lancing College (86-99) with Bishop Peter Ball (81-93), and director of Woodard Schools with John Gummer and pervert Patrick Gilbert, chair of Athenaeum.
Jeremy is the son of Sir Alun-Jones and Gillian Palmer. He married Deborah Harrison in 1989. Gillian is the aunt of Victoria Redstall, a woman obsessed with serial killer Wayne Adam.
Sir Derek Alun-Jones left Ferranti in a shroud of scandal and fraud.
Rupert Cordle, upmarket London builder, is the son of John Cordle MP succeeded by David Atkinson when he was forced to resign in the Maudling affair. A devotee of Billy Graham, John owned the CoE newspaper.
Simon Astaire is PR man to the royals and friend of the St. Barbara mass murderer Elliot Rodger. His uncle was Jarvis Astaire, boxing promotor and deputy chairman of Wembley Stadium, who had close links to Frank Bruno. Astaire had a Variety Sunshine Coach named after him.
The Earl of Rocksavage is Lord Great Chamberlain, of Rothschild pedigree and filmmaker. His wife Rose was recently said to have had an affair with Prince William. Rose and Kate are patrons of EACH where Delia Smith, friend of McSweeney, is ambassador.
Prudence McLeod, wife to Alisdair 'Jock' McLeod, is the daughter of Rupert Murdoch, and on the board of Times Newspapers. She attended Dalton School in Manhattan while Epstein was teaching there. Jock also worked for Times Newspapers.
Lucy Manners, cousin of the Duke of Rutland, married James Hervey-Bathurst after his first wife ran off with a tattooed gamekeeper in Lady Chatterley style. Lucy was Lady-in-Waiting to Fergie.
Nicola Formby, South African model and Tatler journalist, was caught by Amber Rudd with her husband, the writer and food critic A. A. Gill. As Home Secretary, Amber Rudd was less than honest in her role overseeing the IICSA inquiry.
Stanley and Bea Tollman founded a hotel and travel empire from humble origins in South Africa. Stanley was director of Chelsea FC and a very close friend of Ken Bates, mate of VAT expert Colin Peters. Tillman fled to London when charged with massive fraud.
Gavin Tollman, Stanley's nephew, was alleged to have failed to report $720,000 in income from Trafalgar. Tax evader Stanley was a former chairman of Trafalgar Tours, a company used as a reference by Colin Peters, a paedophile with multiple convictions.
Marielle Frostrup is a prime example of the involvement of those on Epstein's list with children's charities: Oxfam, Save the Children (Gender Ambassador), Children's Society ... She is a director at the Royal Academy of Arts along with Helen Boaden.
Emily Todhunter is an interior designer, married to businessman Manoli Olympitis. Olympitis was CEO of Aitken-Hume, the company set up by Tory jailbird Jonathan Aitken, perjurer and friend of the Khashoggis.
Jeffrey Epstein has been a long-time supporter of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who was director of the Serpentine together with Palumbo and the very shady Roger Bramble, director of Amsterdam Travel Services.
John Duthie, TV director and big name on the poker circuit, was a friend of John McVicar, convicted armed robber who escaped from prison several times. In 2002, McVicar published 'Dead on Time', a book about the Jill Dando murder.,6903,403060,00.html
Flavio Briatore is a Benetton friend who set up Benetton stores on the Virgin Islands. He lived on St Thomas, the next island along from St. James. He managed Benetton F1 (later Renault) until he had to resign for race fixing. He was also part owner of QPR FC.
Mary Glanville, philanthropy consultant, spent years in TV, leaving Carlton (while Sara Morrison was there) a day before Cameron joined. She also worked in sales at Virgin TV and as PR contact for the Bonita Trust which donated to NSPCC/ChildLine for call managing equipment.
Alessandro Manfredini is undoubtedly King of Beards!
Leon Brittan was a patron of Elm Guest House and subject of many rumours. He was told by Margaret Thatcher to get himself a beard before he could be made a minister.
Lord 'MoneyBags' Hanson was the ultimate Eighties businessman and arch-Thatcherite.
Back in the day, PR guru Brian Basham acted for Lord Hanson; now he is acting on behalf of Ghislaine Maxwell ...
India Hicks, goddaughter of Prince Charles and bridesmaid at Diana's wedding, is the granddaughter of Mountbatten, believed to have visited Kincora with Blunt. She was expelled from Gordonstoun for entertaining boys in her room.
John Chenevix-Trench, banker and socialite, is the son of flagellomaniac Anthony Chenevix-Trench, headmaster at Eton and Fettes, Blair's Alma mater, who spanked more bare bottoms than Harvey 'Whacker' Proctor had hot dinners!
Rupert Tate is CEO at Bear Grylls Ventures. Bear, adventurer, Chief Scout and business associate of Derek Laud, is the son of Michael Grylls MP who, together with Neil Hamilton, was caught up in Cash for Questions. Bear is associated with the Alpha Course.
Hotelier Andre Balazs dated Katherine Keating, daughter of the Oz PM and the woman seen being let out of Epstein's house by Randy Andy. Katherine is a business partner of Jordan Hewson, daughter of Bono, relative of the disgraced barrister Barbara Hewson.
Naomi Campbell was introduced to Epstein by her former lover Flavio Briatore. Like Randy Andy, Naomi has been scrambling of late to distance herself from Epstein.

Who will be next to deny him, I wonder?
Before the cock crows thrice ... Nope, didn't really know the guy!
Christopher Mason is one of several at pains to distance himself from Epstein and his long-time friend Ghislaine. 
David Paradine Frost, TV personality and interviewer, married the daughter of the Duke of Norfolk. Not only was he on Epstein's list, he also featured, together with the Duke, on the RAINS list of persons with links to satanic ritual abuse.
The highly tenable links established by @JohnnyVedmore between Epstein and his close friend Junkermann on the one hand and warmongers on the other in the run-up to the Iraq war adds greater significance to Blair's and Campbell's names on Epstein's list.
Randy Andy distanced himself from Epstein after his conviction but remained a close friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, appearing as guest of honour at her birthday party at China Tang, David Tang’s stylish restaurant at the Dorchester Hotel.
Johan Eilasch, CEO of HEAD sporting goods, was adviser to Boris Johnson when London mayor, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard. Like Boris Johnson, he has come out strongly in defence of Prince Andrew.
Knowsley Safari park owner and bigwig at Aintree races Lord Derby has a cosy relationship with former Met commissioner Hogan-Howe, the man in charge of 'nothing to see here' VIP abuse investigations. Randy Andy is godfather to Derby's eldest son.
Amanda Ellingworth is the granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten who is said to have been a patron of Kincora. She is a social worker and holds a number of directorships. Her earlier career was in UK social work, specialising ironically in children's services and child protection.
Stephen Dunbar Johnson is President of the International New York Times, a close colleague of Mark Thompson who was instrumental in covering up the Jimmy Savile scandal at the BBC before he moved to the NYT.
Playboy Steve Wyatt was the lover Fergie lost her heart to:
'I can't have the man I love because he is getting married'.
She then grew close to his toe-sucking friend John Bryan, photographed with a topless Fergie in France.
Sol Kerzner is the property and gambling magnate who created the infamous Sun City in an independent black state within South Africa. He also worked closely with Donald Trump and was close friends with Sarah Ferguson, David Blaine and Naomi Campbell.
Ben Holland-Martin is the son of Rosamund Holland-Martin, relative of Playland convict Charles Hornby and long-time VP of the NSPCC and friend of Lord Mountbatten of Kincora's granddaughter Amanda Ellingworth.
Heather 'Hetty' Hoffmann, now Lady Ronaldshay, is a close friend of Ben Holland-Martin. Together with Epstein listee Cazzy Neville, she was wooed by Casanova Prince Andrew.
She is a patron of Zoe's Place baby hospice.
Gert Rudolf 'Muck' Flick, art historian, inherited his wealth from his industrialist grandfather and convicted Nazi Friedrich Flick, whose son Friedrich Karl Flick almost brought down Helmut Kohl through his party donations in exchange for tax cuts.
His wife is Corinne Vivil.
In 1995, Ghislaine Corp. was officially founded by Epstein and Amanda J. Ellison.
Dr. Ralph M Ellison was CEO of DOR BioPharma Inc., a small company processing ricin, a powerful toxin.
Alexander Haig was appointed Board Chairman of DOR in 2003.
Isabel Goldsmith-Patiño is the daughter of the late British financier Sir James Goldsmith and the granddaughter of 'Bolivian Tin King' Don Antenor Patiño. Goldsmith was founder of the Referendum Party, of which Thatcher's bag carrier and Stowe governor McAlpine was a member.
Boris Johnson and his mistress Carrie will see in the new decade on Mustique with Debonnaire of the von Bismarck clan that gave its name to pickled herring. Symonds and BoJo's ex Arcuri both had strong ties to Epstein's world.
Sara Latham's name appears tucked away on Epstein's list under the entry for Doug Band, aide to Bill Clinton. Sara was recently announced PR manager to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and was previously SPAD to Tessa Jowell and with Freud Communications.
Lynn Forester de Rothschild is the spouse of Epstein listee Evelyn. Together with Archpaedophile Jimmy Savile, Ffion Hague (wife of Willy) and Prince Randy Andy, Lynn de Rothschild was on the board of Outward Bound where indescribable abuse took place.
Arpad 'Arki' Busson is founder and chairman of the fund-of-funds company EIM. He is also founding trustee of the children's charity Absolute Return for Kids (ARK). ARK cooperates with Michael Mates' Hope and Homes for Children of which Busson is a patron.
Edmond Safra, banker, synagogue builder and friend of Bronfman, died in 1999 in what was believed to be an arson attack on his Monaco home. Lawrence Lessig, cousin of Jennifer Arcuri was director of the Safra Intitute of Ethics.
What interest would the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein have in Hilary Bastone, a local councillor from backwater Dartmouth, Rotary Club functionary and chairman of the local Regatta?
Would Randy Andy know perchance?
Need an Epstein-listed spin doctor to piece together a coherent, uniform strategy on Covid-19? Then Simon Case is your man: Tasked with solving the post-Brexit Irish-Irish border, then Prince William's private secretary and soon-to-be Corona stategist.
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