Black metal's Nazi problem is bigger than Varg but recent church burnings in the US/NZ show specific connection. Holden Matthews posted about Varg/Norwegian black metal history. Christchurch NZ arsonist was fan of Vikernes' vlog Thulean Perspective & obsessed w/ burning churches.
The name of Varg's blog Thulean Perspective refers to The Thule Society, a German anti-semitic occultist group including founding members of the Nazi Party like Rudolf Hess, who believed the racially pure "Aryan race" arose in Thule, the mythical northernmost land of Hyperborea.
Holden Mattews followed "the law" of Norse god Odin/Ásatrú neo-Paganism. Recently exposed Nazis 'Ravensblood Kindred', part of Asatru Folk Assembly/Wotan Network of racialist heathens, are part of NSBM-tied Operation Werewolf & interacted w/ Varg Vikernes.
Atomwaffen Division, the satanic Nazi death cult linked to at least 5 murders in the U.S. whose members worship Hitler & Charles Manson, recommends Hitler's writings, Lord of the Rings, & 3 books by Varg Vikernes who promotes Lord of the Rings-inspired white supremacist paganism.
Atomwaffen Division, who were inspired by the book Siege by neo-Nazi James Mason (edited by fascist heathen Michael Moynihan, co-author of Lords of Chaos, a book on black metal) were doing the Nazi salute at the recent show of Nazi black metal band Horna.
Newly exposed Atomwaffen Division neo-Nazi & US Army soldier Corwyn Storm Carver was raised in an occult community as a son of members of racialist heathen Asatru Folk Assembly. Carver invokes stories of Norse warrior God to incite terror to spark race war
Lords of Chaos, a book on black metal, was co-written by fascist Michael Moynihan who was a leading member of Church of Satan before switching to racist Paganism. Neo-Nazi James Mason, author of Siege (published by Moynihan) who's revered by Atomwaffen, is also ex-Church of Satan
Leadership of the murderous Nazi terrorist group Atomwaffen Division is reported to have been taken over by at least 9 members of Tempel of Blood, an offshoot of the apocalyptic Satanic death cult Order of Nine Angles (O9A). Some are US military soldiers.
Michael Moynihan is in neo-folk band Blood Axis influenced by fascist Julius Evola (who Moynihan published), runs Storm label distributing Burzum & NSBM, edits Tyr journal distributed by white nationalist Counter-Currents, and was in fascist Abraxas Foundation w/ ex-CoS Boyd Rice
Church-burning murderer/hate crime convict Kristian "Varg" Vikernes of Burzum stated he had neo-Nazi James Mason's book SIEGE & Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf in his cell in prison. James Mason has praised Vikernes: "He epitomizes the Man of Action, which the West is in dire need of."
The church burnings by Holden Matthews in Louisiana & Jacob Lowestein of black metal band Igni in Christchurch,NZ weren't the only ones in recent news. On March 29th, Jillian Nicole Robinson was arrested in Utah after setting fire to 2 churches & writing "Satan Lives" on the door
Holden Matthews, who burned down 3 historically black churches in Louisiana, had at least two other FB accounts as "Noctis" and "Malice" Matthews, and had been in other black metal bands besides "Vodka Vultures": Merciless Nightmare, solo project Wraithaven, and Pagan Carnage.
4 days before his arrest for the 3 Louisiana Baptist church fires, Holden Matthews responded to a post about "Afrikan Spirituality" saying he "can't stand all these baptists around here, bunch of brainwashed people" who should "look into ancient beliefs of pre Christian Africa".
The day after Holden Matthews burned down St. Mary Baptist Church in Port Barre, a video was posted on his band Pagan Carnage's youtube page of the song "Diabolical Soul Feast". The lyrics reference church burnings: "The holy church is now destroyed" "Burning down in Odin's name"
On the day he burned down the 2nd church, Holden Matthews commented on a meme in a Black Metal FB group showing various photos of Varg Vikernes that says CHOOSE YOUR CLASS w/ the choices of Wizard, Fighter, Sniper, Assassin, Guardian, Warrior: "I'll take the Arson/assassin/bard"
When the Lords of Chaos movie (named after fascist Michael Moynihan's book) came out, Matthews commented people are against it "because varg told them to be, because "the Jews made it" even tho again it wasn't the Jews, it's Jonas from bathory" (Director was a drummer in Bathory)
Holden Matthews' FB accounts were active on Pagan & Norse mythology pages. He talks about being visited by the Norse mythology goddess of death Hel after he performed an unspecified "sacrifice", carving Thor's hammer pendant from a bone & showed devotion to Norse god of war Odin.
On every video posted on one of Holden Matthews' youtube accounts for his solo project Wraithaven, encouraging comments (and the only comments to be found) were left by an account called CryptorsatanArt whose channel is full of various NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) videos
Nigel Courville aka Nygyl Bryyn, who runs a metal label Power Back & posts pics of burning churches, says friend Holden Matthews is not racist, that the churches were "victims of circumstances", and jokes about his online metal radio station being "HEAVIER than Holden's matches".
On one of his youtube accounts under the name "Malice" which Holden Matthews used to post videos of his black metal bands Pagan Carnage and Wraithaven, he had created a playlist called Odinism with just Burzum (Varg Vikernes) songs about Norse gods.
Besides burning down churches, Varg Vikernes, the white supremacist murderer/hate crime convict of Burzum, was plotting to blow up Blitz House, an anarchist/anti-fascist squat/social center in Oslo, when he was arrested in 1993 with 150kg of explosives & 3000 rounds of ammunition
Varg Vikernes sparked off a wave of arsons starting with the Fantoft stave church in 1992, and is said to have formed small nationalist racialist pagan cells in the Norwegian black metal scene including members of Mayhem & Emperor, resulting in at least 50 church burnings by 1996
Varg Vikernes, who murdered Euronymous of Mayhem in 1993, was a Nazi skinhead before he became a metalhead. Vikernes justified the murder claiming Euronymous was Sámi: "he was half Lappish, a Sami, so that was a bonus" "His Lappish (Mongolian) facial features are very visible"
Varg Vikernes went to an Iraqi school in Baghdad at 6 (Dad worked for Saddam Hussein) & got away w/ calling a teacher "a monkey" since he was white. Hid dad disliked "all the colored people" in town but was upset Varg had a swastika flag at home. His mom was "very race conscious"
Øystein Aarseth/Euronymous of Mayhem claimed to be Stalinist because he liked "brutal" communist dictators & was in Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Red Youth who idolized Pol Pot. He also claimed to be a theistic Satanist & fascist & said "almost ALL Norwegian bands are more less nazis".
In his letter to Anders Odden (Satyricon, ex-Celtic Frost) from 1987, Øystein Aarseth/Euronymous angrily accused Odden's band Slaught of copying the marketing approach of his own band Mayhem. Along w/ violent threats, Euronymous told Odden: "YOU DON’T EVEN DESERVE TO BE NI**ERS"
In Feb 1993, Euronymous told everyone involved w/ black metal to "immediately return to the shadows", anyone w/ something to hide to "do it fast as fuck" & not even consider doing any "fucked up shit" and to convince police & media "that this is only about listening to raw music"
In a series of letters written by Varg Vikernes to a UK fan named Paul Watson in the early '90s, the main topic is Nazism. In a letter written right after committing the murder, Varg mentioned Euronymous was dead (days before it made the news) and signed off with "Wotan Mit Uns".
In a letter Varg Vikernes sent on August 9th 1993, the day he left for Oslo where he killed Øystein Aarseth (Euronymous) the next day, he leads with his usual "Heil Hitler" greeting and mentions "the Nazi-Flags we talked about have to wait for a while" because he's short on cash.
In his letter written a day before he killed Øystein Aarseth/Euronymous on August 10 1993, Varg Vikernes talks weapons, having 500lbs of dynamite & bag full of detonators, continuing "the works of Hitler" & that he views Black Metal "as a media to let the world become More Nazi!"
Thomas Thormodsæter Haugen, aka "Samoth" of the band Emperor, who did 16 months in prison for burning down Skjold Church w/ Vikernes in 1992, went on to form a black metal band called Zyklon-B (the gas used in gas chambers during the Holocaust) who have a song titled "Bloodsoil".
There were over 50 church arsons in Norway in '92-'96, all linked to "satanists" in the black metal scene. It quickly spread to other countries across Europe. In '95-'96, there were 429 arsons of mostly black churches in the South, evoking the arson of black churches in the 1960s
In 1992, Bård Guldvik Eithun aka “Faust” of Emperor, who burned down Holmenkollen Chapel w/ Varg & Euronymous after a failed bombing attempt, stabbed a gay man to death, for which he only did 9 years in prison. Faust showed no remorse & was welcomed back into the metal community.
Mayhem's Hellhammer has said he "honor[s]" Faust for killing a "fucking faggot", "we don't like black people here. Black metal is for white people" "some races are more [...] intelligent", "why not burn up .. Hindu and Islamic jerks .. Mosques instead w/ plenty of people in them"
Mayhem's Hellhammer was in Dimmu Borgir (Debut album on NSBM label No Colour Records). Stian "Shagrath" Thoresen of Dimmu Borgir has said he agrees "black metal should be for white people" & "I would gladly cut the throat of every black person in the world. HAIL THE ARYAN RACE!"
Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger album art said "Norwegian Aryan Black Metal" and press release mocked critics for “Jewish behavior”. Panzerfaust album lyrics: "Destruction on the holy man who hails a Jew". Fenriz of Darkthrone has said it should be "illegal to be anti-racist”.
Gylve Fenris Nagell aka Fenriz of Darkthrone wrote the lyrics to "Over Fjell Og Gjennom Torner" on Transilvanian Hunger album: "The Norse breed must slaughter the other when Blåmenn are pounding heavily on our door". "Blåmenn" is derogatory term in old Norwegian for black people.
Hoest" Ørjan Stedjeberg of Taake (originally Thule) performed w/ a swastika on his chest in 2007 & then claimed they're not political: "the untermensch owner of that club; you can go suck a Muslim!" "Orkan" lyrics: "To hell with Muhammad and the Muhammadans/unforgivable customs"
Taake covered Darkthrone's racist song "Over fjell og Gjennom Torner" (when it was "Thule") & has a song "Rasekrig" (Race War) about killing foreigners (specifically "blåmenn") & leaving their bodies in the snow as a warning. Taake re-released it on 2004 Helnorsk Svartmetall comp
In 1995, "Evil" of Marduk said his city is "occupied by immigrants who poison our environment" "you wonder if you are in Sweden or in Somalia!", mentions being banned by venues in Germany for wanting to "prevent immigration to Sweden" & being proud his grandpa was a Nazi trooper.
In an 1998 interview, Morgan "Evil" Håkansson of Marduk mentioned they "got into big trouble" in Germany and other European countries because of their use of the Reichsadler "Imperial Eagle" symbol and their "interest in the Waffen SS, and the whole structure of the Third Reich".
Marduk's 'Panzer Division Marduk' album (Panzer: Nazi tanks) has anti-semitic lyrics cloaked as anti-Christianity. "Christraping Black Metal": "shepherd of the inferior rats" "Crushing your race", "Panzer Division Marduk": "crusade against Christianity & your worthless humanity"
Marduk's "Blond Beast" on Frontschwein (military slang/nickname of Nazi field marshal Walter Model) album & "Hangman of Prague" refer to Holocaust architect Reinhard Heydrich. "Afrika" refers to Nazi general Erwin Rommel. "Night Of The Long Knives" refers to Hitler's 1934 purge.
More lyrics from Marduk's Frontschwein album: "renew the genocide" "Human vermin in flames - cleansing death meant to be" "Replacement of blood stock begins" "Blood and soil mixed as one" "Relentless Germanisation" "Gott mit uns!" (Nazi slogan) "The blood is shaken in the Reich"
In 2014, Varg Vikernes was convicted in France for inciting racial hatred against Jews and Muslims. In an interview w/ Metal Blast, Morgan "Evil" Håkansson of Marduk (an old friend of Varg) commented on Vikernes' conviction: "It’s strange that it’s illegal to dislike a religion."
In 2017, Marduk's singer Daniel Rostén and drummer Fredrik Widigs were exposed for having ordered anti-semitic Nazi propaganda material for distribution from Nordic Resistance Movement (a “Pan-Nordic Neo-Nazi Movement” in Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland)
Patrik Niclas Morgan Håkansson aka "Evil" of Marduk runs the band's business through the company "Wolfsschanze" (Wolf's Lair), named after Adolf Hitler's top secret military headquarters bunker from WWII. ("Wolf" was Hitler's self-adopted nickname. "Varg" means Wolf in Norwegian)
Marduk has a history of playing with NSBM bands & shows organized by outspoken nazis. They toured with neo-Nazi band Ad Hominem. Marduk's ex-drummer Lars Broddesson is in The Ascendant w/ Kaiser Wodhanaz of Ad Hominem, which also features Daniel Abrahamsson of the NSBM band Blut.
2 months after Marduk's Oakland show was canceled in 2017, Portland metalhead Jeremy Christian threatened to stab those "protesting black metal shows" & yelled "Hail Vinland!" at alt-right rallies. A month later, he stabbed & killed people defending the black girls he threatened.
In 2018, Marduk toured w/ Ragnarok from Norway w/ lyrics like "we shall crush eastern faith of culture" & Infernal War from Poland w/ songs like "Jewhammer" who use slogans like "Pure Elite Aryan Terror"/"soundtrack to genocide". Their drummer played w/ Nazi bands Honor & Warhead
Marek Lechowski (Necrosodom) & Paweł Pietrzak (Stormblast) of Poland's Deus Mortem have played in Nazi bands Infernal War & Thunderbolt (w/ ex-Swastyka member. Drummer did time for church arson & murder of a Jewish man). Stormblast was in Honor & Warhead. Necrosodom was in Plaga.
Black metal bands Mgła and Deus Mortem from Poland & Revenge from Canada are currently getting shows canceled from their European tour for their numerous NSBM associations including anti-semitic, neo-Nazi projects involving members of Mgła and Deus Mortem.
Besides Deus Mortem members' NSBM ties to Infernal War/Thunderbolt/Swastyka/Honor/Warhead, guitarist "Sinister" was in Beliar (signed to the neo-Nazi "Lower Silesian Stronghold" label) whose drummer Axel Wojtczak aka "Necrosolus" was in NSBM band Moontower
Mgła plays as a live band for Clandestine Blaze, a project of neo-Nazi Mikko Aspa who does vocals for Deathspell Omega & Mgła. Mgla has also released on Aspa’s NSBM label Northern Heritage. Aspa is a supporter of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement.
Neo-Nazi Mikko Aspa who does vocals for Clandestine Blaze, Deathspell Omega, & Mgła, has also played drums for NSBM bands Goatmoon & Satanic Warmaster (w/ ex-Horna member Lauri Penttilä aka Werwolf/Nazgul) & owns several NSBM labels such as Northern Heritage/Freak Animal Records.
NSBM band Goatmoon from Finland w/ album titles like "Appetite for Holocaust" & lyrics about "sub-human parasites", have performed at Asagardsrei, a neo-Nazi black metal festival in Kyiv, Ukraine organized by National Corps, the politcal party of Ukraine's neo-Nazi Azov movement.
Deathspell Omega's new album is titled Furnaces of Palingenesia. Palingenesia ("rebirth") is associated with fascism, as ideology of rebirth of a state in the image of what preceded it, such as the third Reich. Third Positionists are associated w/ "palingenetic ultranationalism".
Neo-Nazi Mikko Aspa (Deathspell Omega, Mgła...etc.) has a pedophilia-themed noise project Nicole 12. Neo-Nazi Jason “Dagon” Weirbach of Inquisition ("Crush the Jewish Prophet") who has a project called 88MM ("14 Showerheads, 1 Gas Tight Door") was convicted of child porn charges.
Rape/child abuse-themed Nazi noise group Whitehouse's Peter Sotos was convicted of using child porn on his zine Pure. Whitehouse member William Bennett said they're about "the struggle against the unhealthy Negroid influence" & now has a project Cut Hands appropriating black art.
Deathspell Omega's video for their song "Ad Arma! Ad Arma!" ("Call to arms") & their "Justice" tshirt features 6 bodies hanging from an Irminsul (a Germanic paganism term meaning "great pillar" in Old Saxon. Old Norse form of Irmin is Jörmunr, which is one of the names of Odin.).
Mgła's Mikołaj Żentara owns Harvester Records, released Clandestine Blaze, Shining (of ‘No More Safe Space’ tour w/ Revenge), did vocals for Infernal War (& lyrics), Voidhanger (Infernal War project) & mixed for Graveland, Infernal War, Blaze of Perdition (members of Graveland).
Mikołaj Żentara (“M.”) & Maciej Kowalski (“Darkside”) of Mgła (on NSBM labels Northern Heritage & Under the Sign of Garazel) are in Kriegsmaschine (Aspa has done vocals) who collabed w/ Infernal War & Szron. M.'s project Leichenhalle has an album called Judenfrei (“Free of Jews”)
Kriegsmaschine, featuring Mgła members, are also on the GoatowaRex label which puts out Nazi metal/noise including Satanic Warmaster, Gestapo 666, Spear of Longinus, Drowning the Light, Wampyric Specter, Deströyer 666, Nachtmystium, and is run by Dani Li based in Beijing, China.
In April 2019, GoatowaRex/Psychedelic Lotus Order/Viva Angel Press promoted its upcoming release "Racial Superiority" LP by UK-based industrial noise act Zyklon SS and the documentary about Zyklon SS by Neo-Nazi Mikko Aspa (Deathspell Omega, Mgła, Clandestine Blaze...etc.)
Deathspell Omega in a 2000 interview w/ neo-Nazi Mikko Aspa who joined them in 2002: "very proud of the brilliant actions of intolerance" in Nazi Germany and in Europe in WW2. "To gaz the jews [...] was fantastic. We, in Deathspell Omega, are definitely fascistic thinking people"
Old Tower, a Dungeon Synth act on Profound Lore Records, is a project of the black metal act The Wampyric Specter/Blood Tyrant from Netherlands w/ songs like "March Towards Gas Chamber", "A Burning Swastika in the sky as the Overseer of My Wampyric Domain" & "Spirit of Totenkopf"
Akitsa, a black metal band on Profound Lore Records, have done splits w/ many Nazi bands. “La Grande Infamie” album is on NS label Christhunt. “Auprès de la mort, triomphant!” album is limited to 489 copies & they're on a comp limited to 488 copies (references to Nazi code 1488).
Pierre-Marc Tremblay aka "O.T." of Akitsa is the owner of Tour De Garde which has released numerous Nazi bands including Acherontas, Blood Stronghold, Drowning the Light, Hunok, In Ketten (RAC band tied to Absurd), Kristallnacht, Legion Totenkopf, Peste Noire, & Satanic Warmaster
Swartadauþuz of Profound Lore's Gardsghastr (Chaos Moon/Bekëth Nexëhmü/Ars Hmu project) push fascist Dark Germanic Heathenism/Anti-Cosmic Satanism (of Temple of Black Light/Misanthropic Luciferian Order) on Ancient Records/Mysticism Productions & has projects on Darker Than Black
In 1995, Jon Nödtveidt of Dissection joined the gnostic fascist sect Misanthropic Luciferian Order connected to the Norwegian Black Metal Inner Circle. In 1997, Nödtveidt committed a hate crime murder of a gay man, just as “Faust” of Emperor (& Dissection) had done in 1992.
Davide Totaro aka "Set Teitan" of Watain (who was in Dissection) was caught on video doing the Nazi salute onstage in January 2018, which the band denied. When photo of another Nazi salute surfaced in March, Set was let go. Video of his onstage Nazi salute from 2011 also surfaced
At a 2006 show, Watain members did the Nazi salute wearing the shirt of NSBM band Absurd. Watain has an album called "Go Fuck Your Jewish God" & was on Drakkar Productions which puts out NS bands like Grand Belial's Key, Arghoslent, BlackSStorm, Pagan Assault, Gestapo 666, Slavia
Mgła, who have extensive NSBM ties like Nazi pedo Mikko Aspa (of Deathspell Omega) & recently had several shows canceled, are still booked at several festivals in Europe including Brutal Assault in Czech Republic w/ other Nazi bands like Taake and Emperor. 
Gnostic-fascist band A.M.S.G (Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam) on Profound Lore Records has members of neo-Nazi band Ouroboros & anti-Islamic band Weapon & are on a split w/ anti-Islamic black metal band Svolder, right-wing noise act Arrogance & Hostium on NSBM label Darker Than Black
Neo-Nazi band Ouroboros whose member formed the gnostic-fascist band A.M.S.G. (on Profound Lore Records) was on NSBM labels Supremacy Through Intolerance & Satanic Skinhead Propaganda (run by Antichrist Kramer of Intolitarian) that released Declaration of Anti-Semetic Terror comp
Arrogance, on a split w/ Profound Lore's gnostic-fascist band A.M.S.G., is a noise project of Phil McSorely who was in Cobalt, another Profound Lore band. Arrogance's "Turner Demos" refers to Turner Diaries, a novel about exterminating non-white races by neo-Nazi William Pierce.
Svolder, anti-Islamic black metal band from Canada, also on the split w/ Profound Lore's fascist band AMSG, are on NSBM labels Totenkopf Propaganda from Greece (who also released Absurd, Ad Hominem, Aryan Blood, Der Stürmer, Hate Forest) and Iron Bonehead Productions from Germany
Let's take a moment to commemorate the first post on this thread having reached 666 likes
Proud Boy Anthony Hoyes aka "Godfather of rape metal", vocalist of death metal band Vorzug of Arizona who promotes fascist violence & racist, sexist, xenophobic, anti-muslim/anti-semitic bigotry, owns Apollyon Entertainment, distributed by @Ingrooves/ @UMG
On June 5th, 2019, Youtube deleted the Thulean Perspective channel as part of its sweep targeting channels w/ white supremacist and other bigoted content. Nazi snowflakes are having a meltdown, blaming "k**es" & "joking" about people getting stabbed & incinerated in retaliation.
In May 2019, Svardun, a Dungeon Synth act from Finland on Canto Críptico label, was exposed as Nazi pagan "Odalist" Karo Keinänen who posts racist, xenophobic, homophobic remarks online. As of this writing, @Bandcamp is still giving this Nazi a platform.
Virginia-based Nazi metal bands Grand Belial's Key & Arghoslent promote anti-Semitic violence & neo-fascism, are connected to NSBM labels World Terror Committee & Darker Than Black & were affiliated with neo-Nazi William Pierce who wrote The Turner Diaries
@Bandcamp finally banned Drakkar Productions who release metal bands w/ Nazi ties like Grand Belial's Key, Arghoslent, Watain, BlackSStorm, Pagan Assault, Gestapo 666, Slavia, Deathspell Omega, Peste Noire, Alcest. Their fans are reacting w/ anti-semitic dogwhistles like "ZOG".
Canadian war metal band Blasphemy has close ties to neo-Nazi Antichrist Kramer (Intolitarian)/Satanic Skinhead Propaganda
On 6/29/19, Brazilian Nazi metal band Goatpenis played in LA w/ Blue Hummingbird on the Left (on NSBM label Iron Bonehead Productions), Defecrator (on French NSBM label Drakkar) & Psychotomimetic who opened for Finnish Nazi metal band Horna back in March.
Hector aka "Nezahualcoyotl", the bassist of Blue Hummingbird on the Left also played in Desolator (Lyrics: "lead armies of genocide, I strike with hatred") named after a song by Sweden's Nifelheim (closely associated w/ Watain who have NSBM ties & known for Nazi salutes on stage)
Tilo Lopez aka "Edbanger" of Desolator, who claims to be a "democratic socialist" and an educator, attended Nazi metal band Horna's show in LA and harassed anti-fascist activists online and called to "KEEP POLITICS out" of black metal. He's a proud supporter of the U.S. military.
A thread on the Never Surrender metal fest in Oakland, CA organized by @BoneheadIron and @NWNProductions who release and distribute Nazi metal. Bands in the lineup have NSBM/neo-Nazi ties:
Nuclear War Now! label's forum served as the biggest online hub for Nazi metal. After info on Never Surrender fest organized by NWN! & its partner label Iron Bonehead was released ( ), NWN! owner Yosuke Konishi took the forum offline.
In 2017, Marduk's singer Daniel Rostén said African & European cultures should not mix & that he's "against multiculturalism". Rostén & drummer Fredrik Widigs were exposed for ordering Nordic Resistance Movement's Nazi propaganda material for distribution.
War metal band Revenge has songs like “Sterilization (Procreation Denied)”, “Scum Defection (Outsider Neutralized)”: “Feeble swine lined up subhuman die”. Singer J. Read was in Conquerer w/ songs like “War Cult Supremacy”: “Our anthem to the downfall of the jewish/christian ways”
Metalhead Holden Matthews who burned down 3 historically black churches in Louisiana in 2019 has plead guilty to federal hate crime charges & admitted to posting photos/videos of the fires on FB in an effort to promote himself in the Black Metal community.
Quorthon of Bathory was a reservist cop and was opposed to race-mixing. He dismissed criticism from their album art using symbols associated w/ white supremacists & tried to equate the Black Pathers w/ "slavery and the Holocaust" saying they were about being racist against whites
Marco Del Rio (of Raspberry Bulbs on @RelapseRecords) runs Seedstock Records which released NSBM bands Moontower & White Medal. He is also in black metal band Bone Awl who're known to use Nazi imagery on their records & have several Nazi metal associations
NSBM band Moontower, who released on NSBM label Seedstock Records (run by Marco Del Rio of Bone Awl/Raspberry Bulbs), has had members of Graveland & Beliar (w/ member from Deus Mortem whose NSBM ties include Infernal War/Thunderbolt/Swastyka/Honor/Warhead)
Unholy Vampyric Slaughter Sect, a black metal band from Massachusetts, has ties to satanic Nazi cult Tempel ov Blood (a branch of Order of Nine Angles) tied to Atomwaffen Division. They're on the Saturnine Ritual label run by Michael Jones who also follows ToB & promotes SIEGE.
More info on Saturnine Ritual Productions label run by Iowa Nazi Michael Jones:
Rusulka is a dungeon synth project from Sioux City, Iowa featuring Nazi Michael Jones who has ties to satanic Nazi cult Tempel ov Blood (a branch of Order of Nine Angles run by leaders of Atomwaffen Division) & promotes the Nazi accelerationist text SIEGE.
Nazi metalhead "Rivfader" in Sauk Rapids, MN has promoted the satanic neo-Nazi sect Order of Nine Angles (tied to Atomwaffen Division). His bands are Einsatzgruppen, Aryan Werewolf, Vorfahrkult, Satanic Prophecy, Wuduwésten, Usurpr, Sorg, Adherent and some are hosted on @bandcamp
Jørn Stubberud aka Necrobutcher of Mayhem is openly anti-Semitic & homophobic. He has complained about "homosexuals in Parliament" in Oslo and US metal festivals: "Things got a little Jew-y". Mayhem's explicitly NSBM phase used the Norwegian Nazi party & Nazi SS Totenkopf symbols
Bölzer's Okoi Jones has defended his multiple Swastika, Wolfsangel & Aryan Cross tattoos as "ancient symbols" & said while he's not enthusiastic about eugenics, he is against everyone "indiscriminately breeding with one another" & against "dissolving borders and tribal identity".
In a 2019 interview, Ørjan Stedjeberg aka "Hoest" of Taake stated that "Islam is an irrational mental disorder", and claimed that he drew a Swastika on his chest "just for fun". "Hopefully the government or others will have had a huge crack-down on Antifa"
"NSBM acts routinely appear on the bill of more mainstream black metal shows, thanks to naive or unscrupulous promoters. Festivals like Messe des Morts in Montréal and Skogen Fest in Jonquière have made room for NSBM"
Juan Luis Cruz (Templo de Lucifer Prods), a metal promoter based in Columbia, Maryland, went out of his way to keep booking the Nazi metal band Horna as they kept getting canceled while trying to tour the US in 2019.
James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich of Metallica doing the Nazi salute while backstage in Berlin
Photo of @Slayer w/ members Jeff Hanneman & Gary Holt (also in @ExodusAttack) doing the Nazi salute. Slayer even did a cover of Minor Threat's "Guilty Of Being White" where they changed the line at the end of the song to "guilty of being being right!". Tom Araya admires Pinochet.
Jon Schaffer of washed-up power metal band Iced Earth (refers to Nazi cosmology), who is a member of the Oath Keepers & John Birch Society, snitched on his buddies. Singer Matt Barlow became a cop in Delaware after 9/11. Guitarist Ernie Carletti was convicted of rape/kidnapping.
Philip Anselmo, the vocalist of @Pantera who built their aesthetic around the Confederate flag, used to do white pride rants wearing the white supremacist Afrikaner Triskelion symbol on stage, and did the Nazi salute while yelling "White Power!" from the stage at a show in 2016.
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